2016 TSR: A Bit Under The Weather

I felt a bit off when I woke up this morning, and it’s only gotten worse as the morning has gone along… So instead of following through on my plans to make another couple of customs and write more text, I’m going to keep this short and head back to bed for a while.

There are a pretty fair number of Major Leaguers currently in the game with fathers who also played in the Majors. While these pairings are generally not on the “Ken Griffey Sr. & Jr.” level of notoriety, I thought it’d be fun to do a number of “Father & Son” custom cards.

So far, however, I’ve only made one for Tom & Neil Walker. This card is based on the “Father & Son” subset from 1976 Topps.
2016 TSRchives 76TF&S-1 Tom & Neil Walker
Aside from the fact that Neil Walker is with my Mets, I did this one first because I already had a scan of a Tom Walker card. Before I make any more of these, I have to find and scan the appropriate cards in my collection. I should have at least one more by next Sunday.

It’s that time of year when Olympians have come home from Rio de Janeiro and are being honored with ceremonial first pitches. Swimmer Katie Ledecky came home with four gold medals and one silver, and was honored by the Washington Nationals.
2016 TSR CFP-13 Katie Ledecky
She also got Bryce Harper to hold her medals while she threw the first pitch, and I was going to make a custom of that as well… but, as I mentioned, I’m not feeling up to it. I’ll have something for next Sunday.

I had one more custom lined up, a “2016 Season Highlights” card… but at the last minute I realized that one word in the text was embarrassingly misspelled… So you’ll have to wait until next Sunday for that as well.

Before I go, I have a small announcement to make (and, thankfully, one which was written earlier in the week when I could easily form complete sentences)…

Make a nomination for the design of the 2017 TSR World Baseball Classic set!

The World Baseball Classic returns this coming March.  I’ve been thinking that it would be fun to devote a small set of customs to this international event.

I had started to think about which vintage, semi-vintage or not-terribly-vintage card design would work well for a set like this… but then I had an idea that it could be fun to open it up to nominations, and then once I’ve got a couple of prototypes in hand, set up some sort of vote.

If there’s a particular card design you’d like to see made into a custom WBC set, leave a comment below.

I’m going to make three suggestions:

1 – Oddball sets are most definitely welcome.

2 – It doesn’t necessarily have to be a baseball design, so long as it works for a baseball set.

3 – I’m shying away from anything that has team logos, because I’m not sure what I would substitute for those.  Flags?  Anyway, not ruling it out, just shying away (right now).

Leave a comment!  Make your case!  Maybe we can have some voting this fall where we can feel positive about the candidates!


4 thoughts on “2016 TSR: A Bit Under The Weather

    • Thanks, I am feeling better now. Sleeping a good chunk of the day helped quite a bit.

      1966 Hockey? That’s definitely got potential. I’m thinking you’ll at least see a prototype of that, when the appropriate time comes.

  1. I’m a sucker for 1986 Topps baseball. And that block lettering would lend itself to a variety of country names and colors.

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