Oddballs Of The Week: Two Yankees From 1969 MLB Photostamps

Not long ago, I decided that I needed to get some 1969 MLB Photostamps into my collection. Not being entirely sure of what I was getting myself into, I went on COMC and bought two of the cheaper examples I could find which would also fit into my collection. As it worked out, I ended up getting two Yankees, arch rivals of my Mets and my Orioles.

…But it’s OK, I’ll vouch for both of these guys.

I’ve never seen Fritz Peterson pitch, but he’s a very underrated pitcher and seems like an interesting guy.
Peterson won 20 games in 1970 and logged an All-Star appearance. Fritz’ ERA, WHIP and K/BB ratio over his 9-year Yankee career are all better than Andy Pettitte, and yet only one of these pitchers has had his number retired (hint: It’s not Fritz Peterson).

Roy White was a member of the World Championship Yankee teams of the 1970’s… but I like him anyway.
Part of it is because he was a Yankee during that brief period of time when I was young and didn’t hate the Yankees… but even after my “enlightenment” at the age of 11, Roy White just had so much class that you couldn’t help but respect the guy.

One of these days I’m going to write a post along the lines of “A Mets fan’s favorite Yankees”. I’ll give you a hint… Reggie Jackson is not one of them.

As for these “photostamps”, they’re kind of odd critters. They’re often referred to as “MLB Photostamps”, but they’re licensed by the MLB Players Association, not MLB, hence the lack of logos. They’re printed on fairly thin paper, about 3.25″ tall and 2″ wide, and despite the “stamp” moniker, they didn’t come with adhesive – one had to add paste or glue or whatever to the back before sticking it in the album.

That being said, I like them. I wouldn’t pay much for any of them, but I like them. I’ll definitely chase after the Mets from this set, and I would also welcome the Seattle Pilots into my collection (although each and every one of those “Pilots” are show wearing another team’s airbrushed uniform).

There’s also a 1970 set which was licensed by MLB and has all the logos, but I don’t have any, so they’ll have to wait for another day.

I’m sure that many of you have these photostamps from 1969 or 1970. Do you like them? Can you add anything to the small amount of information I have here?


3 thoughts on “Oddballs Of The Week: Two Yankees From 1969 MLB Photostamps

  1. There are many variations of this issue. If you go to Columbia City Collectibles site on eBay and search fo the stamps he explains it in pretty good detail.

  2. Don’t have any (that I recall) but they look pretty cool. When you said Fritz Peterson seemed like an interesting guy I thought for sure you were about to get into the “wife swap”. ;-)

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