Three 2016 Packs, Two Types Of Football

The last few weeks have been very…  “blah”, for lack of a better word.  Not bad, mind you, I certainly have nothing to complain about…  But it did leave me in need of some stimulation, so I bought some wax packs that I hadn’t busted before… and, to be honest, ones I probably wouldn’t buy in other circumstances.

…But all things considered, it turned out OK.  I’ve bought two Football packs and one Soccer pack, all Panini. All three had pretty nice cards, all three won’t have a follow-up purchase because they’re not sports I collect.

First up is a really nice update of 1990 Donruss.


I first saw these cards on someone’s blog – and I’ll apologize, I don’t remember where I saw them, nor did I take notes on where I saw it.  But I really like how they’ve taken a not-great set and made it appealing without losing the 90D-ness of it.

Here’s the back.  Pretty standard Panini stuff, but not bad.


Next up is Panini Classic, which I appreciate in that it seems like they did something I sometimes do when trying to come up with my own custom designs… and that’s pick and chose design elements from different sets.


The white team name at the top is very reminiscent of 1983 Topps Football, while the sort of sideways-chevron at the bottom is like 1968/69 Topps Hockey.  The end result is not the most inspired design, but I like it OK.

I actually like the back, because they use a very basic early-1960’s-ish design for the back, and combined with the white non-glossy card stock, it makes for a nice effect.


The final pack I opened is for a sport that’s called “football” pretty much everywhere but North America.  I stumbled across a pack of 2016 Donruss Soccer cards without really knowing what they were… I mean, I knew they were soccer cards, but I had no idea who they featured.  I enjoy watching soccer here and there, but I’m no fan, and I know very few players outside of a couple of personal favorites and international superstars like Lionel Messi.

Anyway, I didn’t expect to know any players in this pack, and I didn’t know any of them.

What took me by surprise was that I knew none of the teams, save one.


Anjer Robbenn plays for FC Bayern München in the German Bundesliga.  I’ve heard of Bayern München, but not any of the other teams in my pack (those teams were from Turkey, Switzerland, Argentina, Spain and Greece, as I found out when I Googled them).

The cards are very Donruss… They’ve got the same diagonal stripey thing going that the other sports have, and it’s also got the same script font used on the football cards.  A very subtle effect is that there are little flecks in the colored areas, another little nod to 1990 Donruss.

The player and team names are in a bronze foil that looks better in person than in my photo, but is hard to read.

The backs are similar to the Donruss football back… And sorry for the crappy picture, it was taken on my phone in the Target parking lot.


Each of my packs came with inserts, but none were interesting enough for me to take the effort of getting images of them.

So anyway, I hope some of you found these interesting.  Maybe they inspire you to get your own, maybe they satisfy your curiosity enough to save you a couple of bucks.



One thought on “Three 2016 Packs, Two Types Of Football

  1. Can’t say I’m inspired. I don’t follow soccer and my Bears have been so bad lately that I’m losing interest in football. It doesn’t help that I don’t get most of the games here in exile(Iowa). I just can’t wait to see them lose Sunday night to the Cowboys.

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