Three 1970 Fleer/Laughlin World Series Cards

Time is short, so I’m going the “cards with few words” route today.

These three cards are from the 1970 Fleer / R.G. Laughlin World Series set… I’ve had these three cards “forever”, which for me equates to a little over 40 years.


I really enjoy this set and I keep telling myself I need to get more of these.


Although I don’t have it (yet), the card which features the 1916 World Series – 100 years ago, obviously – features a 21-year-old Babe Ruth pitching a 14-inning complete game for the Boston Red Sox against Brooklyn in Game 2. The Sox won in walk-off fashion, 2-1.

Brooklyn’s Casey Stengel batted .364 for the series. Casey Stengel! A 25-year-old Casey Stengel! Wrap your brain around that.


It also occurs to me that we’re coming up on the 100th anniversary of the 1919 “Black Sox” scandal. It’ll be interesting to see how this is commemorated.

OK, gotta roll. I’ll be back on Friday with more cards.

4 thoughts on “Three 1970 Fleer/Laughlin World Series Cards

  1. Love these things. Back in the day I had gotten a ton of them. Like most cards I had gotten when I was a kid to me about 50 cards from a set of 660 or 770 seemed like I almost had the full set. I still remember the sort of sugar-free powdery taste of the chewing gum from these WS cards. A few years back I finished the 1970 set. Need to get my butt busy on the ’71 set. I have to find out where I have my dupes for this tucked away, heck I need to also verify where my full set is.

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