PWE Playhouse: Mets, Orioles and Plymouth Argyle

No, “Plymouth Argyle” was not a car targeted towards preppies. All will become clear by the end of the post, which details the latest in a series of PWE’s from the land of Shoebox Legends.

PWE Playhouse

The day before I got this PWE, I was looking at my assortment of 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes cards and thinking “I need to find a checklist for this set so I can get these into my database”.

..And the next thing I knew, I had two more of them, including a Kevin Gausman rookie.  His win-loss record this year is nothing to get excited about, but he’s become the O’s #2 pitcher behind Chris Tillman.

I would like to express my appreciation to Panini for keeping older checklists accessible on their website. For some reason Topps doesn’t do this; I think the checklists might be out there somewhere on the Topps web server, but you have to jump through hoops track them down.

Speaking of appreciation, this unlicensed Mike Mussina card could’ve labeled as “New York”, in which case it wouldn’t be part of my collection. Funny how that works.

This next card surprised me because I don’t remember seeing anything like this before. This is a 2001 Sunoco/Coca-Cola Dream Team card for “Baltimore”. Yep, it’s unlicensed.

Since I’d never seen one before, I thought others may not have seen these either so I scanned the back as well.

They can’t use “Orioles” but could apparently use “O’s”.  I’ll wager that this little loophole has been addressed over the past 15 years.

Ain’t never gonna turn down a card of Tom Terrific!

Brooks Robinson ain’t too shabby neither!

Bobby Bo! I often feel like one of the few Mets fans that appreciated Bobby Bonilla.
…And a good part of that appreciate came from the fact that I understood that we weren’t getting a superstar, we were getting a very good player. Many Mets fans lost sight of that and expected Bonilla to single-handedly rescue the team from their doldrums. He did not.

One of the Orioles announcers at the time, I forget which one, used to pronounce “Ramon” as “RAY-moan”.
Every time I see a Ramon Hernandez card, I think of him as RAY-moan.

Although Miguel Tejada isn’t quite “Hall Of Disdain” material, I was never a fan, even during his time in Baltimore.
…Not that I don’t appreciate this card, because it fills an Ultra need… But for whatever reason, after a year or two in Baltimore and as the team slid from mediocrity to generally bad, it seemed like Tejada began to phone it in, just waiving his gloves at ground balls as they went past. When he got traded to Houston, it was very much a “front door, backside” situation.

I’m still finding it a bit odd to have Jose Reyes on the Mets again… And I kind of wish I kept my Reyes T-shirt.

OK, now it’s time for Plymouth Argyle… Which is the team featured on the 1960-61 A&BC Footballers card Shane sent me. This makes the 8th card I have from this set, which means I’ve almost got a full 9-pocket sheet full of these cards and it puts me at 9.5% of the way to a complete set… Not that I’m shooting for a complete set, but I’m always excited to add a new card, even though I don’t know the players and, in this case, the team.
I’ve got a passing familiarity with most top English football teams, but I’d never heard of Plymouth Argyle. I looked them up, and they’re currently in League Two, which is the 4th level of English Soccer (after Premiership, Championship and League One).

Plymouth Argyle’s nickname is “The Pilgrims”, and the team crest features the Mayflower. If you’re wondering what the connection is, the Mayflower left Plymouth for The New World in 1620.

Here’s the back of the card:
During the seasons prior to this card coming out, Dave MacLaren played for Leicester City, and Monty Python fans know – even if Karl Marx didn’t – that Leicester lost the 1949 Cup final to Wolverhampton Wanderers, 3-1… but that was before MacLaren was on the team.

Anyhoo, I suppose that the fact that MacLaren had played for a top flight team the prior year may have something to do with his being in this set despite being listed with a second-tier team. Or maybe I just don’t know what I’m talking about. Well, that’s true enough; when it comes to English footy I do not know what I’m talking about.

So that’s the latest from las Leyenas del caja de Zapatos (if my meager Spanish skills didn’t steer me too far wrong). Thanks again, Shane!


6 thoughts on “PWE Playhouse: Mets, Orioles and Plymouth Argyle

  1. I think I have one more double kicking around so that you can make a nice binder page of the A&BCs, I’ll have to take a look for the next PWE…

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