2016 TSR: Two Inserts And A WBC Prototype

Sorry, boys and girls… No virtual wax pack this week. Production issues have gotten in the way, so you’ll have to be satisfied with two inserts from a virtual dime box.

The first one is a goofy “Photo Day” image I’ve been sitting on for 6 months…


…And the second is a 4th Series Joe Shlabotnik insert… And what was this doing in a dime box?  This baby should be in the dollar bin, at the very least.

The production issues should be sorted out next week, as we hear down the regular season and get ready for the off-season “Hot Stove” set, as well as next spring’s World Baseball Classic custom set.

Speaking of which…

2017 World Baseball Classic Custom Set, Prototype #1:

I’ve been thinking that it would be fun to devote a small set of customs to upcoming WBC, and to leave the design of the set open to nominations.

In my initial call for suggestions, Hackenbush over at “Can’t Have Too Many Cards” suggested using the 1966-67 Topps Hockey design (which is also the 1966 Topps Football design).  I have to admit, this set wasn’t quite what I had in mind…

…But you know what? It turned out quite a bit nicer than I thought it might:

Secrets of the Custom Card Makers:  The wood grain is actually a photo of the top of my dining room table.

Great suggestion, Hackenbush!  This will definitely factor into the voting, once I have enough prototypes to have some voting.

If there’s another vintage, semi-vintage or not-really-vintage-at-all card design you’d like to see made into my custom WBC set, leave a comment.

As before, I’m going to make three suggestions:

1 – Oddball sets are most definitely welcome.

2 – It doesn’t have to be a baseball design, so long as it works as a baseball set (i.e. no goalposts, hockey sticks or basketballs incorporated into the design).

3 – I’m shying away from anything that has team logos, mainly because I’m not sure what I would substitute for those.

The other design nomination I got the first time around is 1986 Topps (suggested by KO Rob), and I will make up a prototype for that as soon as I download the appropriate font from someplace from where one downloads fonts.


2 thoughts on “2016 TSR: Two Inserts And A WBC Prototype

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