Much To My Surprise, I Want Some Expos

I admit, It took me unawares…  I was looking at a large batch of cards being featured on Dawg Day Cards, and two of the cards were for an oddball set – 1974 Weston Food Expos.  Even without the logos, and even though I’ve never been a fan of the Expos, I found myself really wanting those cards… and not just the former Met and former Oriole Ken Singleton.  I also wanted the John Boccabella, someone I have no real connection with at all.  But they were oddballs and they were Expos and I wanted them.

This isn’t the first time I found myself drawn to Expos cards.  I’ll see some oddball over at The Tim Wallach blog and I’ll think they’re cool and want them, and then part of my brain says “Why?  You don’t collect the Expos or Tim Wallach.  Stick to the goals, man, stick to the goals!”

Which is not to say that I haven’t picked up any Expos that don’t fit into my defined collecting goals.  A couple of years ago I started picking up 1969 high-series cards that featured the new uniforms of that year’s expansion teams… including the Expos.

I’ve also picked up Expos cards of players who may not have been ones I collect, not exactly, but were guys I remember fondly from their time with the Mets.

But my reaction to the Weston Expos was something different… This wasn’t just “Hey, cool oddball!” or “Hey, former Met!”, this was me seriously wanting to add Expos largely because they were Expos.

Now I’ve never been a fan of the Expos. During their entire 36-year run they were in the NL East with the Mets, and they were a rival team. There’s no reason for me to be an Expos fan.

But it occurred to me that part of the reason I collect – part of the reason most of us collect – is to revive a bit of our childhood. And the Expos were part of my childhood… and now they’re gone.

…And I miss them.

So it’s got me thinking…

Even though I’m not shooting for a complete set of 1970 Topps, I still enjoy picking up cards for my collection.  Aside from Mets and Orioles and Seattle Pilots team sets, I’m also looking for All-Star Rookies and making a general attempt to complete the first series.  Why not throw Expos in there?

Same with 1972 Topps.  I’ve already completed Series 1 and 2, I’m close on 3 and 4, and I’m also looking for All-Star Rookies.
Les Expos? What ze hecque.

I don’t know how carried away I’ll get with this.  As time goes on, I can certainly see myself expand ExpoQuest to Hostess, Kellogg’s, SSPC and 1971 Topps, and I’ll probably pick up some of these oddballs I’ve seen… but I also don’t see myself going out of the way to pick up cards of Bryn Smith or Rondell White.

So that makes me curious… Does anybody collect a team they never cheered for or maybe never saw at all?  I’m sure there must be some Browns or Senators collectors who aren’t old enough to have seen those teams on the field.


11 thoughts on “Much To My Surprise, I Want Some Expos

  1. I too have started to wax nostalgic about the Expos, though I haven’t taken the leap to collecting them. When I was a kid, cards of the St. Louis Browns were among my favorite sites in Conlon Collection and my very favorite card was an UD Walter Johnson (Senators, of course) single. In short, I guess I’ve always been fascinated by teams that no longer exist.

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed the post I made with those cards. After repatriating them to Canada, I actually shipped them off to Mike (who commented above). At a local card show the day after buying the cards in Syracuse I saw one regular dealer had the Boccabella and a few others (not sure if the Singleton was there or not). I don’t believe that he had the whole set though. I’ll look for them in a couple of weeks at the next show.

  3. I don’t specifically collect the Expos but I do own a hat which incidentally has a red brim. I don’t think they ever wore one like that. The tri-color with white in front always had a blue brim.

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