I’ve been an Orioles fan since the mid-1990’s.  I’ve been a Mets fan since the mid-1970’s.  For the first time since 1973, both teams made it into the postseason in the same season.

The Orioles didn’t bring their closer into a tie game.  They lost.

The Mets did bring their closer into a tie game.  They lost.


There had been two prior seasons where the Mets and Orioles both made it to the postseason.

The first time was 1969 when the “Miracle Mets” beat the heavily favored Orioles in 5 games.
1970 Fleer World Series #66

The other season was 1973 when both teams lost to the eventual World Champion Oakland A’s.  In the ALCS, the A’s beat the O’s in 5 games…

…And then in the World Series the A’s beat the Mets in 7.

For 2016 both teams were in their respective league’s Wild Card game, played a good game and lost on final-inning three-run homers.

I’ll likely have a better appreciation of this past season after another day or two, but for now it’s just…
Shlabotnik Peanuts sigh


4 thoughts on “*SIGH*

  1. I was actually hoping for the Mets and Orioles but for different reasons than you. I wanted to avenge last season’s loss to the Mets and also 1969 (I hold grudges). Also how cool would have a 1969 World Series between the Cubs and Orioles have been. So many future Hall of Famers.

  2. You post made me curious to find out the last time both of my favorite teams made the post season in the same year. It’s only happened once. In 2006, the A’s lost to the Tigers in the ALCS and the Padres lost to the Cardinals in the NLDS. So on a positive note… at least the Mets and Orioles have accomplished that feat two more times than the A’s and Padres.

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