My Vintage Hank Aaron Collection (Population: 9)

For these posts highlighting cards of Hall-Of-Famers that I own, I’m going to define “vintage” as being 1973 or earlier. Two reasons for this… First off, 1973 makes a good ending point as it was the last Topps set issued in series. Second, I started collecting in 1974, so it feels like something of a cheat to include cards I pulled from wax packs.

We’ll start with my oldest Aaron (and favorite Aaron) and work forward…

1964 Topps “Giant”
1964 Giants Hank Aaron

1970 Topps
1970 Topps Hank Aaron

1970 Topps Super
1970 Topps Super Hank Aaron
Why they didn’t use this photo on his regular Topps card, I’ll never understand.

1970 Topps National League Home Run Leaders

1972 Topps “In Action” subset
1972 Topps Hank Aaron IA
…Featuring a home run trot at Shea. Plymouth was the “official car of the Mets”, in case you were wondering about the sign behind him.

1972 Topps National League Home Run Leaders

1972 Topps National League RBI Leaders

1973 Topps All-Time Total Base Leaders

…and saving the “best” for last…

1973 Topps All-Time Home Run Leaders
1973 All Time HR Leaders_0001
I may upgrade this card, but I’ll never replace it. This baby most definitely has character.

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