WBC Prototype #3: A Slightly Different Take On 1976 Hostess

The World Baseball Classic is rolling around again next March, and I’ve been thinking that it would be fun to devote a small set of customs to it, and to leave the design of the set open to nominations followed by an online vote.

Next up in the parade of prototypes is a somewhat-modified version of 1976 Hostess, using a photo from the 2013 WBC:


The original 1976 Hostess set had red, white and blue at the bottom – because 1976 was the Bicentennial and everything had to be red, white and blue.  I think it was some sort of overreaching Federal legislation or something.

Since the WBC is an international tournament, I thought it more fitting to use the colors of the country depicted.  I’m happy with the way it turned out;  it nicely tweaks the original design without getting into significant “Stone the heretic!” changes that bring 2001 Fleer Platinum to mind.

If there’s a vintage, semi-vintage or not-really-vintage-at-all card design you’d like to nominate for this custom WBC set, leave a comment.  Three suggestions:

1 – Oddball sets are most definitely welcome.

2 – It doesn’t have to be a baseball design, so long as it works as a baseball set (i.e. no goalposts, hockey sticks or basketballs incorporated into the design).

3 – I’m shying away from anything that has team logos, mainly because I’m not sure what I would substitute for those.


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