A Couple Of 1974’s From An Alternate Universe

I’ve been getting new cards from all sides…  Card show last weekend, a blaster from Target, two different batches of cards in the mail (thanks to, in chronological order, Shane & Bob!)…

…And I got a couple of cards from my counterpart in the alternate universe!

I believe it’s been over a year since I’ve written about the alternate universe, so I’ll give everybody a quick back story… There’s an inter-dimensional rift in my attic through which small objects can pass from one universe to another.  The other end of this particular rift lies in the attic of that universe’s Joe Shlabotnik, and we’ve been trading cards for a number of years.

Just as “Alt-U Joe” was freaked out by the cards I sent him that show Reggie Jackson with the Yankees – I’ll have to find out where Reggie went in that universe – I was similarly freaked out over Willie McCovey with the Brewers…
I’d read somewhere that when the Giants were looking to move McCovey after the 1973 season, some AL teams like the Brewers and Rangers had interest, but Willie didn’t want to be a DH so the Giants found a National League trading partner in the Padres. I guess over in that universe, the Giants weren’t as accommodating.

More puzzling was this 1974 Traded card showing Randy Jones being shipped off to the Expos!
The back says he was traded for pitcher Balor Moore and another player, but didn’t get into why the Padres would trade a promising young pitcher like Randy Jones. Here in our universe, Randy would have two dominating seasons (including the 1976 Cy Young) before being derailed by arm troubles.

Speaking of pitchers being traded, the buzz is already starting about how the weak market for free agent pitchers could result in some blockbuster trades this winter.  Here at Shlabotnik World Headquarters, our top-notch staff of graphics artists are gearing up for another Hot Stove set based on a vintage Kellogg’s 3-D set… and yes, the cereal boxes will be back as well.  I don’t have a go-live date right now, but it should come sometime after players start to move around.

By the way, there’s no real reason why I would mention custom cards in a post about cards from the Alternate Universe… Just wanted to get it out there while I was thinking about it, I guess.


3 thoughts on “A Couple Of 1974’s From An Alternate Universe

  1. Please have your counterpart slide more of these into our world! I’d really be interested who ended up with St. Louis in his time period. Over if there is a Browns team still in St. Louis.

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