Silly Rabbit! Sports Illustrated Is For Kids! (Adventures In Dimeboxing, Part 2)

At the show I recently went to, I found one guy who had a couple of boxes of cards for 5 cents each… so despite the subtitle for this post, this was actually “Adventures In Nickelboxing”… but it doesn’t have quite the same ring.

So in this box I found a small stack of about 20 “Sports Illustrated For Kids” cards. SI for Kids? For a nickel each? Hell, I didn’t even need to look through them, I took them all and put them in my stack (which later became a box… I bought something over 300 cards from this guy’s nickel and dime boxes).

It wasn’t until a few days after the show that I even got a chance to see what I got, and I found that I got some nice cards in the process.

…We’ll start off with a card that immediately let me know that I had not wasted my $1… A 1992 Bobby Bo for my Mets collection.
Gotta love the border!  Talk about evoking an era…

At one point I was quite fond of Rafael Palmeiro… but that was before the whole performance-enhancing drugs thing took the wind out of his sails.
…Although part of me does still wonder if there’s been a situation where someone intentionally spiked another player’s drink (or whatever) with illegal substances so that they’d fail a drug test. I’m not making excuses for Raffy or others, it’s just me and my paranoia.

Matt Williams in his 1992 Giants days. I guess he can feel a little better that the Nats didn’t do much better under Dusty Baker than under him (though I still feel that Williams was atrocious at handling his bullpen).
Six years, three managers, three NLDS losses. This Mets fan won’t shed too many tears for the Nats.

Speaking of the Mets, here’s former Met Tom Glavine, with his prior team… the Atlanta… um… somethings…

…And former Met Carlos Baerga with the Indians.  I’m sure everybody looks at this particular Indians’ uni and thinks of “Major League”.

Mia Hamm, back when she was 20 years old and had won just the one World Cup and no Olympics.

Lyn St. James was once billed as the fastest American woman. She qualified for seven Indianapolis 500’s and was the 1992 Indy Rookie Of The Year.
This card is from 1989.

I included this Holly McPeak card just because I liked the way her name was placed around the volleyball.

I saved the best for last… Check this out: A 19-year-old Andre Agassi… A 19-year-old Andre Agassi with hair!
This is from a 1989 issue of SI4K; I haven’t done a ton of research, but I wonder if this might be Andre’s “rookie card”.

Given the monumental nature of this card, I figured I’d include the back as well.
Of course, I also got plenty of cards of water-skiiers and triathletes I’d never heard of, but it doesn’t matter. This batch goes down as a definite win in the dimeboxing scorecard.


8 thoughts on “Silly Rabbit! Sports Illustrated Is For Kids! (Adventures In Dimeboxing, Part 2)

  1. These look like my childhood – the first baseball trade I can remember partaking in was for an SI for Kids Mark Grace.

    Also, nice to see Lynn St. James pop up – Indy 500 racers rarely get any love from the major card manufacturers and that’s just a darn shame.

    • I was in my mid-20’s when SI4K debuted, and it was years before I was fully aware of the cardboard joy contained within. I’ve got something like 25-30 cards, yet I’ve never read a single issue.

      Non-NASCAR auto racing doesn’t get any love from America in general, which is most definitely a shame… Especially given how eye-rolling NASCAR has become.

  2. Nice find. I recently resubscribed mostly to get the cards, but I do read the magazine as well. Nowadays they put too much college in, at least 2 per issue on average. Other than that I enjoy them.

  3. Were there any boxing cards among the SI cards? Just curious. I’m always interested in boxing cards, but they’re a woefully unrepresented sport in card form.

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