There’s Gonna Be A Showdown (Adventures In Dimeboxing, Part 3)

The third and final chapter of this week’s Dimeboxing series…

Like with Sports Illustrated for Kids cards, whenever I run across MLB Showdown game cards in a dimebox, I shoot first and ask questions later. I’m just a sucker for cards like this, I’m not sure why. It’s not like I’ve ever played MLB Showdown (although maybe I should learn and then write a post on how it’s played).

I got a bunch of players who fall into the category of “I don’t collect this… but it’s MLB Showdown!”, but I also got a Mike Mussina “Super Season” card for my Orioles collection.
Apparently the “Super Season” cards base the ratings on a particularly good season in the player’s past, as opposed to the prior season (these are all 2002 MLB Showdown card, by the way).

I also got a Super Season for Tom Glavine, who I like despite his Brave-iness.

For those of  you who have never seen an MLB Showdown card in person, I should mention that it’s similar to any collectible card game in the cardstock and rounded corners and such.

And I managed to get two Rickey Hendersons: His Super Season card…
…and his regular card. Rickey with the Bosox always looks odd to me.
Maybe it’s just me, but Rickey Henderson seems like he might be one of the cheaper HOFers out there, at least when it comes to the overall prices of his cards… outside of his 1980 rookie card, of course. Maybe it’s just my perception because there’s just so much Rickey out there given that he played for 25 years and the entire Junk Wax era falls within his career. At any rate, I’m not sure whether to envy or pity the Rickey collector. (Just for grins, I looked and there are currently over 1,570 distinct Rickey cards out on COMC).

Moving on to some non-Showdown cards…

I like 2016 Topps about as much as the next guy… which is to say not very much. That being said, it’s still Topps flagship so there is a wantlist, plus because of my “current roster” binders I like having some cards of some of the guys who don’t make it into smaller sets.

…So I just grabbed everything I found in this one dealer’s nickel box….


For all I knew when I bought these, I’d just purchased 100+ cards of Brian Ellington, but as it worked out I added about 70 cards to my 2016 Topps set, and the remaining cards will be part of the homemade repacks we’ll hand out on Halloween. I wonder how far I can get with 2016 Topps while collecting passively through repacks and such?  Might be a fun experiment.  Or not.

Here are the two best cards from my stack, just to prove that there are some decent cards in 2016 Topps.


I also bought a similar stack of 2016 Bowman Prospects, and I wanted to feature one guy…

From the people who brought you Shaft and Superfly… it’s LUCIUS FOX!
Who’s the cat that won’t cop out when there’s danger all about?
Right on!

It turns out that “Lucius Fox” is a fictional character, but not the black movie detective from the 1970’s that I’d envisioned.  Aside from being a minor league shortstop, “Lucius Fox” is a character from Batman… I enjoy comics, but outside of the 1960’s TV version and the 1970’s comic books I read as a kid, I’ve never been much of a “Bat Head” (or whatever Batman fans might call themselves), and I haven’t seen a Batman movie since that awful one in the 1990’s which featured Schwarzenegger as a villain.

For anybody out there who would get behind Lucius Fox if only he weren’t a San Francisco Giant… He was one of three players traded to the Rays for Matt Moore this past season.

To wrap things up, here are a bunch of Mets from a couple of slightly older Topps Stickers sets… These all came from the nickel boxes which made a significant contribution to my collecting needs.

OK, that’s enough dimeboxing out of me.  Back to business as usual next week.



4 thoughts on “There’s Gonna Be A Showdown (Adventures In Dimeboxing, Part 3)

  1. I too have always been partial to MLB Showdown cards and, really, any baseball card that was also designed for use in a card game. The old Milton Bradley cards, Platinum Series Baseball, Topps Attax, any of the hundreds of playing card sets, etc.

    Also, I’ve never learned to play any of the games attached to them. So, I don’t know why I’m so fascinated by them either. I guess it’s just because they’re something different.

  2. Never had a chance to play any of those games. The only Attax game available in my neck of the woods was hockey.

    I have some WWE Raw Deal cards from when it was out but never played it..

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