WBC Prototypes #4 & #5 – Recycling Is The Word Of The Day

The World Baseball Classic is rolling around again next March, and I’ve been thinking that it would be fun to devote a small set of customs to it, and to have an online vote to decide which design to use for the custom set.

I had very little time to devote to new customs this week, so I took the easy way out and dusted off two custom templates I had created in the past and hadn’t used in a while… I know, it’s sort of a cheat.

The first one is based on the Bazooka design used from 1960 to 1962 and is one I’d used it for my first “Hot Stove” set, the 2012/13 edition. It’s odd to think that I’ll be doing my fifth Hot Stove set this winter.
2012-13 Hot Stove #17 - Jose Mijares
FYI, Jose Mijares used to pitch for the Twins, Royals and Giants;  over the past two years his playing seems to have been confined to the Venezuelan Winter League.

The original Bazooka cards had a variety of colors which were arbitrarily assigned; I suppose I could make the colors correspond to each country in the WBC… or I could just leave it the way it was.

This next one is from a 1976 Wonder Bread Football template I’d created but never used on the blog.  I gave this one the same treatment as the 1976 Hostess set I did last week;  I changed the colors to be based on the country rather than using the red, white and blue that was typical of anything issued during the Bicentennial.
I like this design, but if I were to use this I might deviate a bit more from the original and make the position and country bigger.

FYI, in the original the border color indicated whether the player was offense (blue with red diagonal stripes) or defense (red with blue diagonal stripes).

Oh, and the photo of Ollie Perez is left over from the 2013 WBC.

Audience participation section…

I’ve got a request to create a 1986 Topps but I’m having trouble finding a safe source for the “Novel Gothic” font (which is used for the top of the card). If anyone has any suggestions on where to get this font, please leave a comment. Update: I got tired of making excuses and I had some time, so I faked my way through making a one-off custom without having the font downloaded.  I’ll post it next Sunday (and worry about the font if and when 86T wins the voting).

If there’s a vintage, semi-vintage or not-really-vintage-at-all card design you’d like to nominate for this custom WBC set, leave a comment.

Voting should get underway before too much longer… I think.


One thought on “WBC Prototypes #4 & #5 – Recycling Is The Word Of The Day

  1. Heyoo00 Joe. Recycling your own stuff is good.
    Is there something I should know about getting fonts? I have collected thousands of fonts over the years and I never gave downloading one a second thought. If you don’t want to tie up your blog comments on this Email me at Zvon58@hotmail.com.
    Thanks bro.

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