Three From 1965, Front And Back

I got all three of these from COMC this past summer, and the predominant reason for purchasing each of these was “Why wouldn’t one buy cheap cards from 1965 Topps?”

There are other reasons at play. But mainly “Cheap 1965”.

…And because 1965 has the beautiful and cartooniful backs, I will present both sides of each card.

I always think of Fred Talbot as being one of the players written about in Jim Bouton’s “Ball Four”. Aside from Talbot’s three-month stint with the Seattle Pilots and the depicted White Sox, he also pitched for the Yankees and A’s.
Given my post the other day about minor league baseball team names, I feel I should mention that in 1960, Talbot pitched for the Idaho Falls Russets. Here we go, Taters, here we go!


Chico Salmon is a Panamanian infielder who played for the Indians and Orioles and played every position except for pitcher and catcher.
Chico was also a Seattle Pilot – during Spring Training. He was the 11th pick in the expansion draft, but was traded to the O’s just before the season began (and as such, never played with Fred Talbot for the Pilots). Salmon does show up in the first series of 1969 Topps as a Pilot.

Mr. de la Hoz was born in Cuba, so he may be “Mike” as much as Roberto Clemente was “Bob”. He played 2nd, 3rd and Short over 9 seasons, but never played more than 81 games in a given season.
On April 1st, 1964, he was the player-to-be-named-later in a trade for… Chico Salmon! I’d love to say that I picked these three cards for the tenuous connection the players have, but it was sheer coincidence that I didn’t learn about until I pasted the images in the post and then started researching.


The card back mentions that he’s played in the outfield, but that was two games in left in 1963, so while it’s technically true, it’s the type of truth that’s more often heard on the campaign trail.

I have to admit that looking at these three cards, and having recently finished the 1968 Topps Game insert as well as the first series of 1971 Topps… it’s kinda got me thinking about maybe making the first series of 1965 a new goal.  It’s not like I don’t already have far too many goals, but this might be kinda fun and hopefully chasing the remaining 68 cards of the 88 in the first series wouldn’t put much of a strain on my budget.  I’ll have to think about it.

Quick reminder… This week we’ve got a poll going to decide the template I’ll use for next Spring’s World Baseball Classic set.  If you haven’t voted yet, the choices are laid out below with the voting at the bottom.  Thanks again!



2 thoughts on “Three From 1965, Front And Back

  1. Salmon was solid for the Orioles in 1969. He got a pinch hit in the 1970 World Series. I remember my Dad and I were watching and getting ready to go watch the Colts play the Oilers in the Astrodome. O’s won, Colts won (on a Unitas TD toss). It was a great day to be me!

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