Catch-Up Week, Pt. 1: A PWE From Shoebox Legends

About a month ago I had cards coming at me like (Geezer alert) ping-pong balls falling on Captain Kangaroo.  I bought a blaster and a repack from Target, returned from a show with hundreds more cards, and then early the following week I got two PWE’s in the mail.

In this week’s posts, I’m going to share a number of these cards from October, starting with a PWE from Shane of Shoebox Legends.

It’s become almost a tradition to get Hometown Heroes cards from Shane… One of the things I did over the past month was find a checklist and load it into my database so I could know how close I am to having team sets of the Mets and Orioles.
Unfortunately, the checklist I found doesn’t list teams, so I still don’t know how close I am… but I think I still have a little ways to go.

The PWE had a plethora of Bunt cards. I still like these cards a couple of months after their release, and many others seem to like them as well, so I’m keeping fingers crossed that this comes back in 2017.
I’m kind of ambivalent about having retired players mixed in to current sets… unless that retired player is someone I collect, like Cal, then I’m cool with it.  Kinda goofy the way they “decapitated” the Oriole logo, though.

Nothing against Chris Davis, but I’m hoping that the Orioles offense is less “Homer Happy” than it was in 2016. Would it kill you to manufacture a run now and then?

Manny manny bo-banny, banana fanna fo-fanny, fee-fi-fo-anny… Manny!
I clearly have nothing to say about Manny Machado at the moment… and as long as I’m referencing Captain Kangaroo, I might as well reference “The Name Game”.

Thor did a guest appearance on “Kevin Can Wait”, which stars Kevin James, who’s a huge Mets fan.
I saw it; it was fun, but Thor should not give up his day job.

Wrapping up the Bunt with Steven Matz, who also draws a blank from me at this moment. I won’t repeat The Name Game.

Here’s a lovely black parallel of the Heritage High Number Joey Rickard. For those who don’t know… which is pretty much everybody who’s not an Orioles fan… Rickard was a Rule V guy plucked from the Rays’ minor league system. He was playing pretty well  and becoming something of a fan favorite before a July injury knocked him out for the rest of the season.
I just found out that this card has “action” and “color swap” variations… For Joey Rickard!?! Why does Topps hate Orioles fans?

…The Action variation is pretty nice-looking, though.

Thar’s gold in them thar PWE’s! 1993 Topps Gold of Rick Sutcliffe, anyway. No prospector named “Gabby” is going to do a little dance over this, but I like it.

2006 Daniel Cabrera… Not a card I needed, but it reminded me of how much I like 2006 Topps. I think it nicely throws back to old-school Topps while having all of the usual features of a 2006 card.
I consider it one of the three best Topps flagship sets of the 21st Century.

Finally, the piece de resistance… It’s a 1960-61 A&BC card featuring Ken Malcolm of Ipswich Town! I have no Earthly idea what Ken Malcolm of Ipswich Town is doing. Any ideas?
Malcolm played nearly 300 games for Ipswich Town, which won the Division One championship in the 1961-62 season, their first season in the top flight. I should point out that the championship is for what we North Americans would call the “regular season”, Tottenham Hotspur won the F.A. Cup that year (according to Wikipedia, anyway).

Here’s the back of the card…
According to the FIFA website, the answer to “Can a goal be scored directly from a corner kick?” is “Yes… but only against the opposing team”.

Oh, and I should share one other thing… Mr. Malcolm gives me a full sheet of cards from this set!
That’s a thing of beauty, that is…

Thanks again, Shane! The delay in scanning and writing about these cards does not reflect my appreciation for these cards!


8 thoughts on “Catch-Up Week, Pt. 1: A PWE From Shoebox Legends

  1. It is really strange that they cut the head off the Oriole on Ripken’s card. It would have been better to move the logo more behind his back so that the whole thing appeared on the card, even if the player obscured it a little.

  2. “I’m particularly glad that these lovely children were here today to hear that speech. Not only was it authentic frontier gibberish, it expressed a courage little seen in this day and age.”

    Gabby Johnson might not do a dance over that Sutcliffe, but you’d never be able to understand his true opinion on it. However, mine is that there’s some excellent stuff here overall!

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