A Fake Cereal Box? It Can Only Mean One Thing… 2-D Hot Stove Customs!

It’s November… The World Series is over… Maybe your favorite football team is as frustratingly inconsistent as mine. Baseball seems a long way off.

But… what’s this?

Mom brought something special back from the grocery store… A box of cereal, one that has a baseball card in it!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my “Hot Stove” custom set, this will be the fifth time (Zoinks!) I’m spending the winter photoshopping free agent and traded baseball players into their new uniforms. It’s what I do for fun and to relax. Other people buy coloring books full of mandalas and exotic animals, I photoshop baseball players.

This is the third Hot Stove set based on 1970’s Kellogg’s 3-D cards, and the second to come in cereal boxes.

So let’s open up the box and wait until mom leaves the room so she wont see us digging down up to our elbows in cereal to find the card in the box.

Pat Neshek isn’t the kind of player who gets headlines when he changes teams, but the guy is a big-time baseball card collector so he’s right up there with Bip Roberts in the Baseball Card Blogger’s Hall Of Fame.
The Astros traded Neshek to the Phillies for cash or a Player To Be Named Later. This has already been an interesting offseason down in the lower portion of the N.L. East. Both the Phillies and the Braves have been unafraid to shake up their rosters a bit, protecting prospects as well as getting veteran arms.

But hey, wait a minute… I think they messed up with this box, I’m pretty sure I felt a second card mixed in with all the Moonlight Grahams…

This one breaks my Mets fan heart a little bit…
Bartolo Colon gets a rotation slot and more money than he’d get with the Mets, and if everyone stays healthy the Mets will have a rotation full of promising young arms… but that doesn’t mean I can’t be disappointed that “Big Sexy” won’t be back in CitiField in 2017. It’s made worse by the fact that another Shlabotnik favorite, R.A. Dickey, also signed with the Braves for the same reasons.

By signing a pair of veteran innings-eaters for their rotation, it seems like the Braves would like to not suck for their first year in SunTrust Park. As someone who holds the Atlanta franchise with the utmost of disdain, I hope their move to the Atlanta suburbs works out as well as their AAA team’s move to a different Atlanta suburb in 2009… After 8 seasons, they’ve finished no better than 12th in the 14-team International League in average attendance, and in 2016 their 3,218 average attendance was the worst of any AAA team… and was also worse than twenty-two AA teams. Yikes.

Anyway, the plan is to have a new Hot Stove card every weekend through February, at which point we’ll shift over to the World Baseball Classic and then the 2017 TSR set. I won’t guarantee we’ll have a new brand of cereal every week, but we’ll see how that goes.


5 thoughts on “A Fake Cereal Box? It Can Only Mean One Thing… 2-D Hot Stove Customs!

  1. ‘Moonlight Grahams’ is genius! LOL And the cards look great as usual. I hope you gets to ‘shop a few guys into Oriole orange and black.

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