I Go Where My Muse Takes Me: 2017 Floatyhead Gum Customs

I’ve got a couple of customs today using a design that wasn’t planned, but more or less just fell into place.

It all started while I was looking at a photo from the press conference announcing Dexter Fowler’s signing with the Cardinals.  I was looking at the photo thinking it would be great for one of my “Hot Stove” customs if only for the collared shirt he put the jersey on over.

It occurred to me that maybe I could do something with the photo if I made Fowler into a “floaty head”, and that way I’d have his face and new cap, and wouldn’t have to worry about the rest. I started to idly ponder some of the designs this might work on… Stickers, disks, other types of oddballs.

Somewhere along the line I came up with the idea of making it something like the Leaf sets of the 1940’s or the Goudey sets of the 1930’s… And anyway, I played with it for a little while and came up with this:
The part about it being from “Floatyhead Gum” is, of course, something of a callback to Goudey.

Given how much I’ve been taunted by a blank screen lately, I felt that I needed to run with the ball on this idea and see where I ended up.  At the moment I have no idea of whether I’m going to go any further with this.

…Well, other than making another one for Mark Melancon.
I also considered Ian Desmond, but every photo of Desmond in his Rockies cap had a fairly heavy shadow across his face, and I didn’t feel like dealing with it.  Mr. Melancon was much more accommodating.


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