From “The Vault”: A Sheet Of “Baseball Stadiums” Cards

Last week, Night Owl featured a number of cards he got from Angus at Dawg Day Cards, and one of them, a card featuring the exterior of Ebbets Field and bearing a “Classic Baseball Stadiums” logo, was a mystery to Mr. Owl… but seemed strangely familiar to me.

After a few minutes of pondering, I thought I remembered having something similar in “The Vault”, which is a high-falutin’ name for a cardboard box which had been in a disused closet for years.  Sure enough, when I went looking on my laptop for scans from The Vault, I found this:
Here’s the back…

My sheet has a slightly different logo – it’s “Baseball Stadiums” rather than “Classic Baseball Stadiums” and the “non-Classic” logo features home plate and 2nd base where the Ebbets Field card had just a solid blue diamond… but it’s unquestionably from the same source.

But what is that source?  I’ve got a sheet, one would think I’d remember where I got it from… That is, if one hasn’t met me personally.  I like to compare my brain to a room occupied by a hoarder and filled to the ceiling with papers, magazines and books… Everything is there, but yeah… good luck finding it.

Before I go any further in what it is, I’ll feature a particular card from my sheet… Sick’s Stadium in Seattle.  This was a minor league ballpark for most of its existence, but in 1969 it was home to the Seattle Pilots.


From the cars in the foreground I feel comfortable saying that this picture was not taken in 1969… Not unless the new car industry in the Seattle area had never recovered from World War II.

The back of the card shows the specifics about Sick’s Stadium… but no information on what the card is or where it’s from.


So where did it come from?  My sheet’s top edge has some extra “white space” and is a big jagged, so I was right in remembering that it came out of a magazine.  It would’ve been a magazine with a glued spine, otherwise I would’ve removed the staples and did a better job of extracting the sheet from the magazine.  I was thinking Tuff Stuff magazine, but I can’t find anything definitive about that… not yet, anyway.  I found several eBay listings which reference Tuff Stuff, for what that’s worth.  Interestingly enough, many of the eBay listings seem to be for sheets which hadn’t been bound within a magazine like mine was.

The other 1990’s magazine which had similar inserts was “Baseball Cards” magazine, but they were usually good about having copyright information on the back… so I’m going to stick with Tuff Stuff unless someone can tell me otherwise.


7 thoughts on “From “The Vault”: A Sheet Of “Baseball Stadiums” Cards

  1. I love how the card, and your post, refer to Sick’s Stadium, but the photo on the card appears to read Sicks’ instead.

    Okay, did my research. It was originally Sick’s, after the owner, but after he died and ownership was shared by multiple family members, they went to the plural Sicks’.

    Thanks for sharing this. It made me learn something new!

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