Fashionably Late COMC Black Friday #3: Japanese Baseball

Wrapping up my small COMC shopping spree with a number of Japanese baseball cards I acquired…

First off, here’s a young Koji Uehara, fresh off his 20-4 rookie season with the Yomiuri Giants. I’ve gotten to the point where if I find a reasonably priced BBM or Calbee card of Koji, I’m there.
Koji signed with the Cubs for 2017, if Munenori Kawasaki makes the team then we’ll have my two favorite Japanese players on the same roster, which would be cool… but not enough to make me root for the Cubs.  Sorry, Northsiders, you’ve officially lost your perpetual underdog status and you’re just another team standing between my Mets and the World Series.

This next card is from the 2006 BBM Nostalgic set. I have no idea who Tokuji Iida was, or which team he’s pictured with… the Hawks, maybe?  I just know I fell in love with this card.
Here’s the equally Japanese back to the card… Not even so much as a “Did you know?” tease.

This card made me smile, plain and simple. How can you not love a card where someone is holding up a giant car key?
Given that this set is “2013 BBM All-Star Game Memories – 1980’s”, should we assume that Boomer Wells got an Isuzu for being the game MVP at some point? I tried researching this, but came up short.

I also started to research how long it’s been since Isuzu pulled out of the U.S. automotive market… and then I found out that Isuzu hasn’t pulled out of the U.S. market, it just seemed that way to me because the nearest Isuzu dealer is over an hour away.

…And whatever happened to Joe Isuzu?

The final two cards are from 1991 BBM, and I just got them because I kinda like both players.

Without really meaning to, I’ve got something of a Marvell Wynne PC going.

…and I had to think for a minute to remember my reasons for wanting a card of Don Schulze.
I think I saw him play in the minors… maybe.  I saw him pitch somewhere. He was a journeyman in the Majors, pitching for five teams over six seasons before pitching three years for Orix in NPB.

So that’s the highlights of my COMC purchase.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog, already in progress.


4 thoughts on “Fashionably Late COMC Black Friday #3: Japanese Baseball

  1. Awesome gets – I have a small collection of Cubs who played in Japan, which means I need to track down a Koji at some point. I guess I need a Wynne and a Schulze too, since I didn’t know they played overseas. Also, here’s to a healthy rivalry with your Mets!

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