Bored, Bored, Bored ==> 250 Card Cube From Target

Last Friday at work I’d reached my limit.  I’d spent the last two weeks at work doing busywork and admin stuff, and I just couldn’t stand it anymore… I needed something stimulating, something fun.

At lunch I decided to run out and buy a repack, but they no longer have the 100 cards for $5 repacks at that Target.  I briefly considered buying a $8 repack containing 4 packs and 50 cards, but instead went for one I’d never bought before: 250 cards for $9.99.

“Every other cube contains an autograph or relic card (*on average)”.  Will I get the elusive hit?  Stay tuned…

Once I opened it up, I could see two things: There were 2 unopened packs involved (I hadn’t seen the tiny little “plus 2 packs” emblem on the wrapper) and there’s a lot of junk wax in there (not that this should be a surprise).

The 2015 Topps pack yielded nothing of interest.  I have yet to open the Panini Draft Picks pack.  That will go in my work bag for some future “cigarette break” pack busting.

For the heck of it, I counted up the most egregious amounts of junk: 27 cards from 1988 Topps, 23 from 1990 Topps and 14 from 1987 Topps. I also got double-digits in 2014 and 2015 Topps.  I needed about three of the cards from 1987 to 1990, the rest went in the recycling.

Anyway, here are the more interesting cards I got.

I already have this 2001 Heritage of Rickey Henderson, but it always looks so odd to see him with the Mariners.
Rickey played 92 games for the M’s in 2000, and by the time this card came out he was with the Padres.

Nobody exciting on these cards, but I always like to get Upper Deck 40-Man cards.
I don’t wax nostalgic about them as much as Topps Total, but dammit, someone needs to issue something like this, even if it’s an online exclusive. I’ll be there.

I’m mixed about this 2005 Topps Rookie Cup set. The cards are kind of ugly, but it’s cool to see rookie-ish photos of players.
I don’t know that I was really wishing to see Miguel Cairo in a Devil Rays uni, but I’m also not immediately putting this in the “Goodwill box”.

This next card is one of a small batch that I almost dismissed as 2015 Topps base cards… a set where I already have a complete set. Fortunately, I went to check the backs to make sure I wasn’t giving any super short-printed variations to kids next Halloween, when I noticed that the cards had numbers like ATL-1 and NYY-8. That’s when I realized I had about 8 cards from various “blister pack” team sets. Most of them were essentially parallels, but one was a variation-of-sorts.

The card on the left is the 2015 Topps Garrett Jones; the one on the right is from the Yankees team set.
Not quite a SP variation, but still pretty cool.

I also got four Canadian cards – 1987 Leaf, 1992 O-Pee-Chee Premier and 1992 O-Pee Chee:
Funny how sticking an OPC logo on a card makes it slightly cooler… at least for easily-impressed Americans like me.

The oldest cards I got were from 1981… Two from 81T and these two Donruss cards.

This repack was fairly short on oddballs… One of the few was this 1990 Ames Dale Murphy.

This was one of the more pleasant surprises I got. I think I have maybe one or two Action Packed baseball cards laying around somewhere, but this is the first one I’ve actually wanted to put in a binder.
The embossing makes it scan weird, but it’s a pretty nice card. This is from the 1992 All-Star Gallery set.

I got a checklist from 1999 Topps Finest. Looking back, it’s kind of amusing to have a checklist card from a high-end set, but that’s the way it was.

The wrapper said that one in two repacks has a hit, and I was fortunate enough to pull an autograph of Oakland’s Ryon Healy.
This will not provide any relief from my next car payment, but it’s a surprisingly not-sucky hit. Previous hits I’ve gotten from repacks have been of guys who maybe got a cup of coffee in the Majors… if that… but here’s a guy who was a starter in the 2016 Futures Game, played 72 games with the A’s in the second half of the season and was the A.L. Rookie Of The Month for September. Nobody’s talking about his Hall Of Fame chances, but hey… this card actually has some value. How about that?

Would I buy this type of repack again? Maybe. That’s about as positive a response as you’ll get from me about a repack.


4 thoughts on “Bored, Bored, Bored ==> 250 Card Cube From Target

  1. The Healy is an awesome pull! He’s one of the few bright spots for the Athletics. I hope he goes on to have a great career. I was there when he launched his first MLB home run off of R.A. Dickey last season.

  2. “I don’t wax nostalgic about them as much as Topps Total, but dammit, someone needs to issue something like this, even if it’s an online exclusive. I’ll be there.”

    Sing it from the mountaintops. I too would make special effort to chase such a set. We completionists need a comprehensive set!

  3. Cards are on my Xmas list and my wife got me 2 of the $5 Target packs. I got 198 junk cards that the kids can fight over, a Matt Holiday Bowman RC, and a Jose Altuve Topps RC. If you want them hit my email.

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