O, Wieters, Where Art Thou?

For me, one of the more interesting and overlooked story of the off-season involves Matt Wieters…
…2016 All-Star (and three times before that) Matt Wieters…
…Two-time Gold Glove winner Matt Wieters…
…30-year-old starting catcher for a playoff team Matt Wieters…
…Fifth-overall draft pick Matt Wieters…
Unemployed Matt Wieters…
…”My former team has already moved on” Matt Wieters…

How can it be that Matt Wieters still be looking for a job?  Did he and his agent set his expectations (and price tag) too high?  Are teams trying to wait him out to see if they can get him at a discount?

I didn’t expect him to be back with the Orioles… hell, I didn’t expect him to be back with the Orioles last year.  But I figured he’d be somewhere by now, working out with the Braves or Rays or Angels or Rockies or White Sox… somebody.

I usually reserve my “41st Man” customs – which represent how I would do an unlicensed set – for guys who are on the fringe rather than 4-time All-Stars, but Matt Wieters is somehow both right now.

One guy who is a “traditional” 41st Man subject is pitcher David Rollins, who has had a winter where he has no shortage of teams which are interested in him… up to a certain point.

This past November, Rollins was put on waivers by the Mariners and was claimed by the Cubs. The Cubs tried to pass him through waivers, but he was claimed by the Rangers. The Rangers tried to pass him through waivers and he was claimed by the Phillies. All of this happened in just over three weeks, and isn’t the end of it.

Rollins stayed with the Phils for the better part of December before they put him on waivers and he was claimed for the second time by the Rangers. The Rangers tried to pass him through waivers and he was claimed again by the Cubs. The Cubs hung on to him for (gasp!) over a month before designating him for assignment.  This time they successfully got him through waivers and assigning him to AAA with an invite to Spring Training.

Prior to his time with the Mariners, Rollins had also been in the Blue Jays and Astros organizations, so I’m sure he’ll be happy to find a more permanent home, ideally in the Major Leagues.  I’ll be following Rollins over the next few weeks and wishing him the best.

A little while ago I posted a couple of customs from a faux mid-20th-Century card set I called “Floatyhead Gum”.  The response the first time was crickets, but I remain undaunted.  Here are two more Floatyheads featuring players who are very happy to be with new teams.



Finally, the World Baseball Classic starts up in just over 2 weeks, and as promised last fall, I’ll be doing a set of customs based on 1980 Topps.  To whet your appetites, I created a collage of “promo cards” for this upcoming custom set.


Since 1980 Topps has already been “Topps Archive-d” twice, I’ve been working on ways to sort of shake things up a tiny bit and make these customs a little bit more than another 1980 rehash.  This preview image contains some clues regarding things I’ve got planned… and I’m still trying to figure out a way to work the “Burger King Pitch Hit & Run” cards into this.

Also, for those of you who didn’t vote for 1980 Topps, I do plan on making “inserts” out of the more popular runner-up designs.

Remember to ask your virtual retailer for 2017 TSR World Baseball Classic cards!


8 thoughts on “O, Wieters, Where Art Thou?

  1. David Rollins pitched for San Jac college which is about five minutes from me. I watch them a lot. I don’t remember him specifically but I’m sure I had to have seen him pitch. His transactions listings at BB Reference is a sight to behold for a guy with three big league decisions,

    And Wieters’ agent is Scott Boros, right?

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