More 1993 Baseball Cards Magazine “Repli-Cards”

Back in 1993, issues of Baseball Cards (and later “Sports Cards”) magazine came with an uncut, unperforated sheet of ‘Repli-Cards’ done in the style of 1968 Topps… much like this year’s upcoming Heritage set is done a la 1968.

I’d previously featured some of these cards several weeks ago; here are some more…

In 1993, Larry Walker was coming off of an All-Star, Gold Glove & Silver Slugger season… but would follow it up with just a Gold Glove and a general slight drop-off in offensive numbers, but with an upswing in walks and stolen bases.

Last time I included a “Rookie Stars” card which featured Mike Piazza; this time around, I’ll show off his solo card.
Piazza was the 1993 NL Rookie Of The Year, as well as being an All-Star and a Silver Slugger winner.

Tony Gwynn was an All-Star in 1993, but didn’t lead the league in batting. In fact he hit “only” .358.
That same year, Andres Galarraga (Rockies) batted .370 and John Olerud (Blue Jays) hit .363.

One could make the argument that, in 1993, Chad Curtis was neither a rookie nor a star, but we’ll let that slide.  He went on to play 10 years in the majors, so I don’t want to slight him overly much.
Tim Salmon was the 1993 AL Rookie of the Year and despite having some big numbers – five seasons with 90+ RBI, for example – he was never an all-star, at least not according to  In retrospect that’s pretty surprising.

I know a certain blogger who should get a kick out of this card featuring Pawtucket Red Sox pitcher Aaron Sele, who, while pitching for Boston, went 7-2, 2.74 and finished a distant third in AL ROY voting.
I know changing the famous Red Sox “B” to a “P” might seem like a natural thing, but to me it looks like the logo embroidery machine ran out of thread.

“Mattingly, I thought I told you to trim those sideburns!”
Mattingly was 32, but just a couple of seasons away from the end of his career. He won a Gold Glove in 1993.

Kirby Puckett was 33 and just a couple of seasons away from retirement. He was an All-Star in 1993.

Since I mentioned 2017 Heritage at the beginning of this post, and given that Topps published the checklist the other day, I’ll share team base set checklists for my two teams (Mets and Orioles, for those who didn’t know).

2017 Heritage Orioles team set
6 Trumbo / Cruz / K Davis (League Leaders)
20 Adam Jones
52 Welington Castillo
74 Matt Wieters
159 J.J. Hardy
207 Chris Tillman
216 Baltimore Orioles Team Card
219 Pedro Alvarez
322 Jonathan Schoop
325 Chris Davis
351 Michael Bourn
353 Zach Britton
368 Manny Machado (All-Star)
396 Donnie Hart / Trey Mancini
420 Manny Machado (Short Print)
461 Mark Trumbo (Short Print)
497 Kevin Gausman (Short Print)

2017 Heritage Mets team set
7 Hendricks / Lester / Syndergaard (League Leaders)
23 David Wright
46 Lucas Duda
116 Asdrubal Cabrera
145 New York Mets Team Card
177 Gavin Cecchini / Robert Gsellman
232 Michael Conforto
246 Neil Walker
256 Matt Harvey
278 Jeurys Familia
332 Jose Reyes
342 Curtis Granderson
379 Noah Syndergaard (All-Star)
406 Yoenis Cespedes (Short Print)
421 Jacob deGrom (Short Print)
453 Jay Bruce (Short Print)
470 Noah Syndergaard (Short Print)

Proof that Topps hates us: The Heritage set remains at 500 cards, but the number of short prints goes from 75 to 100.  In the words of Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats, “Son of a bitch!”


9 thoughts on “More 1993 Baseball Cards Magazine “Repli-Cards”

  1. Love the Kirby P especially. That Mattingly is sweet as well. The shot is from the old Ft Lauderdale Stadium I think. I saw my first ST game there way back when, 1978 maybe. Yanks played the Mets and Reggie Jackson played a couple of innings.

  2. I have the Piazza and Karros from this set. These “repli-cards” were pretty cool back then, big incentive for me to buy the magazine off the newsstand back in the day.

  3. Thanks for the Mets team set list :).
    That short print stuff is ridiculous. But I guess enough folks are willing to buy into it so they’ll continue to do it.

  4. Huge fan of the Baseball Cards magazine bonus cards. In fact… I pretty much love any card that comes from a magazine. I’d probably buy more magazines if they would just add a few cards to each issue.

  5. Are you aware of a checklist for the repli-cards? Found the 100th issue in my old room today and thought about buying each magazine with them included.

    • I know the Trading Card Database ( has a checklists of the cards, you can find them by searching on Baseball Cards Magazine. I don’t think they list the issues the cards came in, but I think it’s pretty much any issue from 1993. Good luck!

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