Cheap, Misplaced Vintage

I spent all of this weekend’s “card time” organizing and creating yesterday’s customs, so this is going to be a short post.

While organizing, I ran across some cards which had been in the garage being aired out because they positively reeked of musty basement smell, and where I’d semi-forgotten them for over a year. I remember the card show I got these at, but I can’t remember picking them out and buying them… so I don’t remember what I paid, but I know they fell into the “I can’t pass these up” category so by extension they were cheap.

Elston Howard was the 1963 AL MVP, a 12-time All-Star and the first African-American to play for the Yankees.

I liked the Yankees for about three years when I was a kid, and Elston Howard was a Yankees coach during that time, so he’s one of the relatively small group of Yankees upon whom I look favorably. This is my first card of Elston Howard.

Richie Ashburn – or “ASHBUP”, thanks to a red magic marker – finished his 15 year career with 2 seasons with the Cubs and one season with the Mets.

Given that the 1962 Mets are almost legandary to this lifelong Mets fan, I’m not fazed by the idea of Richie Ashburn as a Met, but Richie Ashburn as a Cub looks tremendously odd to me.

3 thoughts on “Cheap, Misplaced Vintage

  1. Ellie Howard is probably my favorite Yankee as well. He opened a travel agency in my town in New Jersey and I have the signed pic I got from him on my wall. Love that card. He has that Michael Strahan tooth gap going, doesn’t he?

  2. Great pickups. After Jackie Robinson and Larry Doby… I never really put much thought into who was the first African-American to play for specific teams. I’ll have to do a little research to find out who was the first African-American Athletic. And now that you’ve gotten the ball rolling, I think I’m going to research the first Japanese guys to play for the Athletics and Padres.

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