A Compulsive Fool And Three Packs Of 2017 Opening Day

Well, “Compulsive Fool” might be a little harsh.  I like bits of Opening Day, just not enough to justify going into a nearby Target for three straight days looking for packs.

But there I was…. and I found some packs on Friday.  Given that they’re a buck a pack, I bought three.  I’m not sure I will buy more, but I’m not sure I won’t.

So anyway, it’s the same deal it’s been for a while.  The base set is largely a parallel of the flagship set, but it’s the inserts and the base cards which differ from flagship which interest me.

I’ll tell you up front that, much to my disappointment, I didn’t get any mascot inserts.  Those are among my favorite Opening Day inserts, and I rarely get mascots… and I NEVER get Mr. Met.

So we’ll start off the festivities with a Matt Kemp card (Update:  I had said that this card was photoshopped, but I was reminded in the comments that he was traded last July in a deadline deal.)

I like the way they incorporated the Opening Day logo into the design…

…but not so much on the horizontal cards.

Hanley Ramirez is another player who’s in Series 2; I’m guessing the card will look like this one.

In the first pack, I got a Jose Altuve Opening Day Stars insert.

Not a bad card, but I long for the day when the “Opening Day Stars” inserts were 3-D.

Adam Eaton Superstar Celebrations… You can just barely see Eaton in the mob.

Here’s a fairly interesting card….

Not only is Cameron Maybin photoshopped into an Angels uni… it’s a different photo than the Series 1 Maybin card. Most excellent.

Second pack… Another photoshop!  Adam Eaton (again!) with the Nationals…

And once again, a different photo.

Here we have an “Incredible Eats” insert, a foot-long hot dog from Coors Field.

Um, yeah. Can’t say I “get” this insert set. I can’t even get interested in watching cooking shows, I’m certainly not going to chase down cards of food.

Moving on to the third pack, we’ve got another Superstar Celebrations!
OK, I know which one is Giancarlo Stanton… but do I want to know what’s going on here?

So those are the highlights of my three packs. Yay.

…But I was at least happy to pull a few photoshop jobs, so I got some value for my $3.

I’ll wrap up with a list that someone will hopefully find useful… I bumped the Opening Day checklist against the Series 1 checklist and made a list of players who are listed with different teams in the two sets, plus those players who aren’t in Series 1 but have changed teams over the winter, indicating that the Opening Day cards might be different from the flagship equivalent:

# name team note
2 Reynaldo Lopez Chicago White Sox Diff. team from S1
7 Drew Smyly Seattle Mariners Diff. team from S1
22 Lucas Giolito Chicago White Sox Probably photoshopped
25 Adam Eaton Washington Nationals Different Photo and photoshopped
29 Wilson Ramos Tampa Bay Rays Diff. team from S1
46 Kendrys Morales Toronto Blue Jays Diff. team from S1
74 Yoan Moncada Chicago White Sox Diff. team from S1
81 Jean Segura Seattle Mariners Diff. team from S1
116 Chris Sale Boston Red Sox Diff. team from S1
119 Cameron Maybin Angels Different Photo and photoshopped
161 Brian McCann Houston Astros Diff. team from S1
173 Edwin Encarnacion Cleveland Indians Diff. team from S1



10 thoughts on “A Compulsive Fool And Three Packs Of 2017 Opening Day

  1. I too couldn’t help myself from buying a pack of Opening Day – of course, I didn’t get any cool inserts at all, like that Altuve. However, that price point is an effective temptation.

  2. At least your buyer’s remorse can’t be too bad with just $3 spent. I’m with you, it’s a shame the Opening Day Stars aren’t 3D anymore.

  3. While the Opening Day 3-D Stars rocked, I must say, I do really like the looks of this year’s Stars. Also, I wouldn’t chase the Incredible Eats insert set, but I do like the design. Fun stuff. Flagship needs more of this.

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