And Another One Gone And Another One Gone…

The Las Vegas Raiders.


It’s not like I’m a fan of the Raiders or have even been to Oakland, but…


I do understand that there are other factors involved than just uprooting a team.  I realize that Coliseum is among the worst stadiums in the country, that the team’s attendance figures are down at the bottom of the league (although not exactly “drawing flies” at 50,000+ per game) and that the Raiders had left Oakland before.

But to be honest, if it were just the Las Vegas Raiders, I wouldn’t be all that upset about it… but it’s the Las Vegas Raiders on top of the Los Angeles Chargers on top of the Los Angeles Rams.

It’s about Los Angeles having the Rams and the Chargers when it’s debatable how much they really want either.  It’s about the Chargers paying more for a relocation fee than they seemed willing to contribute to a stadium in San Diego.

It’s about having this kind of relocation going on when the league is far from struggling.  We’re not talking 1970’s hockey or basketball where some teams were not meeting payroll.

It’s about a league where decisions are based on how many hundreds of millions, how many billions of dollars are involved.

It’s about a league where you know that, before terribly long, teams like the Jaguars and Bills will threaten to move to St. Louis or San Diego.

Maybe I’ll feel different about it next fall, but right now being a fan of the NFL feels a lot like being a fan of Amazon or Google… Just another huge corporation bent on world domination.



3 thoughts on “And Another One Gone And Another One Gone…

  1. I’m with you on this, Joe. More bucks, less fun. I’ve been on the verge of dropping my Texans tickets for a couple of years now. I’d rather give my money to my college program. They need it.

  2. I feel bad for their fans… especially the ones who live in the Bay Area. It’s one thing to have your team leave once. But to have your team up and leave you twice in forty years is truly heartbreaking.

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