My Vintage Brooks Robinson Collection (Population: 11… no, wait, make that 10)

I was surprised to find how many vintage cards of Brooks Robinson I have. I’m not really a Brooks collector and have been an O’s fan just since the mid-90’s – but some of these cards were needed for sets I was working on, while the others were opportunities to get vintage HOFer cards without breaking the bank.

The following are in reverse chronological order, but I’m also going to make notes of which ones fall into my list of “Top 5 Vintage Brooks Robinson cards”

1973 Topps… 4th on my list.

1972 Topps

1972 Topps A.L. Playoffs (with Mark Belanger)

When I was a kid, Brooks Robinson was the guy with the “funny” batting helmet, because he chopped much of the bill off of the helmet.

1972 Topps World Series Game 2
Update:  As has been pointed out by my readers, this next card features Davey Johnson and Mark Belanger, not Brooks and Belanger as I’d thought.  Thank you for setting me straight!

I’m not going to attempt to guess who the sliding Pirate is.

1970 Topps

1970 Topps All-Star…

…And the cartoon on the back

1969 Topps All-Star

The Orioles introduced the “Cartoon Bird” in 1966, so this cap – and, of course, the photo – precedes that.

1969 Topps Deckle-edge. The uniform Brooks is wearing, with the block letters instead of the Orioles script, was worn from 1963 to 1965.

…So in other words, it was an old photo.

BONUS CARD:  I’ve shared this before, but here’s the same photo used on a 1982 issue:

…SO much nicer in color…

1968 Topps All-Star card, particularly fitting given that the recently-released Heritage set “does” these cards.  This card is my 2nd favorite of this bunch.

1968 Topps Game… My 3rd favorite card on the list.

Once again, pre-1966 photo.

My favorite Brooks card is also the oldest I own and the “oddball-iest”… This card from the 1964 Topps Giants set.


7 thoughts on “My Vintage Brooks Robinson Collection (Population: 11… no, wait, make that 10)

  1. A nice grouping there for sure! Love the Topps Giants card in particular, easy to see why it’s your favorite.

  2. Love Brooks Robinson, What a Great Player and Man. I believe that the 1972 Topps W,S. Card with Belanger in the Picture is Actually Second Basenan #15 Dave Johnson. Just saying? Thanks.

  3. I’m a HUGE Brooks fan, have been ever since the 1970 World Series. He was the first non-Met that I idolized. I can confirm that it’s Davey Johnson on the game 2 card.

  4. Lots of Brooks goodness here. I’ve never seen the Cracker Jack card before. My fave of these….1970 All Star card.

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