Pack Animal: 2017 Donruss Baseball

On Friday I was a little pouty because I wouldn’t have time this past weekend to drive several hours to go to a regional card show.  To slightly make up for it I went to Target to buy a repack and while I was there I also grabbed a pack of 2017 Donruss.

Most of you know the deal with 21st Century Donruss sets… 200 or so unlicensed base cards using some approximation of 1980’s and 1990’s Donruss designs.

First card… Paul Goldschmidt.

Is he at Wrigley?  I see bricks and I think I see Cubs hats in the stands.

The design is a riff on 1990 Donruss, but it frankly was done better in the football set last spring:

To be fair, since Panini can’t use the full team colors, it wouldn’t have been as good anyway.

The back is the usual boring Panini back.

Move along, people, nothing to see here.

Second card is an Oriole… or would be if Panini could use the word “Oriole”

One card off my wantlist, anyway…

Insert time… first, a “The Rookies” insert of Jose De Leon, who is no longer with Los Angeles but is with Tampa Bay.

He was traded on January 23rd for Logan Forsythe. Even though they only needed to change the text, I guess that trade occurred too late for Panini to update the card.

I also got a Retro Variation in the 1983 design. My scanner makes it look lighter than it is; the black text on the brown glove is very hard to read.

They did a nicer job than they did with last year’s 1982 Retro inserts, but just as I said in 1983 when I was tremendously disappointed with a mild rehash of the previous years design, I will ask “But why?”

I also got a Ben Zobrist card.  Does nobody play the field in the Donruss Universe?

This is my favorite card of the pack (relatively speaking, of course).

Matt Holliday is currently with the Yankees;  I’ll cut Donruss a bit of slack for not updating this one because they would’ve had to change the uniform color as well.  A guy in a red uniform labeled as “NEW YORK” would’ve been confusing, to say the least.

To round out the pack I got Christian Yelich and Adrian Beltre, but it’s frankly more of the same… full-length batting shots.  (*yawn*)

The cards themselves are on decent stock and have a nice gloss to them, and the design isn’t bad… but $2.99 for 8 unlicensed cards is way too expensive to buy any more packs.  I’ll likely pick up more of these base cards when I run across them in a dime box or in team sets.


5 thoughts on “Pack Animal: 2017 Donruss Baseball

  1. I was cutting Panini/Donruss some slack for at least jumping back into the game and giving us some card designs reminiscent of our childhood Donruss product.Now I think the lack of MLB license Is starting to bug me.It’s to the point where I would rather see the players in civies (remember Ultra Pro promo?)than In generic unis.

  2. I did the same thing except I think I got a jumbo(?) pack since that’s all my Target had. I understand the no license/no logo thing but to not being able to use all the team colors just seems silly. And you mentioned Cubs hats in the stands on the Goldschmidt card…it’s kind of surreal that they can show MLB logos in the crowd.

    • I don’t know for sure that the colors are strictly verboten, but it seems a safe assumption given that they never use more than one color at a time.

      To be honest, I’m mildly surprised they don’t have to remove the numbers from Goldschmidt’s uniform given that the custom font is likely copyrighted (or maybe I’m just being cynical)

  3. Doesn’t the fact that these cards do sell make MLB’s decision to grant an exclusive to Topps seem short sighted? (I really don’t recall the whole story). Shane’s comment highlights the problem for a lot of us, “had it been…”.

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