Days #31 – #34 of the “30 Day Challenge”

Tony over at Off-Hiatus Baseball recently came up with a 30-day Baseball Card Challenge… I was ready to dive head-first into it until I saw some of the subjects… “Certified Autographs?  Cards before 1950?  Favorite Relic?  Lectroids?  Planet 10?  Nuclear Extortion?  A Girl Named ‘John’?”  (Whoops, sorry, I seem to have wandered into Buckaroo Banzai quotes).

Oh, sorry… Anyway, the point is that these topics look like a fun challenge, but more of a challenge than I’m prepared to handle right now.

But I thought it might work better for me at the moment if I come up with my own challenges, so I’m just going to append a few to the end of Tony’s list, if nobody has any objections…

Day 31:  A card you acquired BECAUSE of the airbrushing.
This Jim Slaton card is from 1978 Hostess.

I forget whose blog I saw this on, but as soon as I did I knew I had to have it… This card is unbelievable, more airbrush than photo.  They did a nice job of it, but it looks like one of those carnival things where there’s a painting with a hole in it, and Jim Slaton has stuck his face in the hole and had his photo taken.

Day 32:  A minor league card which rips off the first set you ever collected
I was 8, going on 9, when the 1974 Topps set came out. I fell head over heels in love with the set, completed the set the following year, and something like 40 years later would complete a master set.

In 2007, the AA Reading Phillies released a team set that… *ahem*… pays homage to that wonderful 1974 set.

As you can see, the two sets are totally different. I mean, the Topps card has the pennants on the upper right and bottom left, whereas the R-Phils set is quite the opposite!

Multi-Ad did cards for a number of teams at the time, but I’ve yet to find another that uses this 1974-esque design. If anyone knows of one, please leave a comment.

Day 33:  A card where you wish the photo were used in a better set
In a recent repack, I pulled this Mets card from 1982 Fleer.

I’ve always been a fan of Hubie Brooks, and I just love this photo… but it seems a shame that it would be wasted on 1982 Fleer and it’s piss-poor image quality.

Day 34:  A card of a player who played another sport professionally and at the same time.
Dave DeBusschere pitched for the White Sox in 1963 and 1964, pitched professionally from 1962 to 1965, and had an interesting job during the offseason…

After not getting called up to the White Sox in 1965, DeBusschere decided to focus on that other job… playing for the NBA’s Detroit Pistons.  Late in 1968 he would be traded to the Knicks, win two league championships and cement his standing as a Basketball Hall-Of-Famer…. so it’s safe to say he chose well when he decided to focus on basketball.


5 thoughts on “Days #31 – #34 of the “30 Day Challenge”

  1. Red Barber, the Yankee announcer (and one of the best of all time) used to pronounce Dave DeBusschere’s name as DEE-bu-sheeah. With that Mississippi twang of his. Us smart-ass New jersey kids found it quite amusing. BTW…we pronounced it dah-BUSHer. I still maintain we were correct. After all that’s how Marv Albert said it.

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