PWE Playhouse: Fast And Thick From Dime Box Nick

A little while ago I posted the contents of a couple of packs of 2017 Opening Day, and Nick from the Dime Boxes blog made a comment about wanting to track down one of the cards I’d posted. I sent a PWE containing that card Nick’s way, and honestly wasn’t looking for any compensation… but I was surprised and pleased when I got a PWE in return… and it was a fat PWE. I didn’t realize one could mail so much cardboard for a First Class stamp.

Right off the bat, this PWE was full of oddball goodness, starting with this 1982 Kellogg’s Dave Kingman.

I was excited just to receive a Kellogg’s card, but a Met I needed? Awesome.

This next card was one of several 1987 Fleer Factory Set bonus cards featuring the Mets’ 1986 World Series victory over the Red Sox.

I confess, I already had the entire set (factory + World Series set), but I can’t resist featuring anything commemorating the one Championship within my 40+ years of Mets fandom.

A while ago I was talking about the Classic sets of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, and here’s one from the 1990 Pink Travel Edition set.

Gregg Jefferies had been hyped as THE NEXT BIG THING when he was coming up. He wasn’t quite that, but he was a solid ballplayer.

This one threw me quite a bit, because I’d never seen it or anything like it. Part of my confusion came from my mistaken assumption that this was a card. Closer examination revealed that it was a standard-sized sticker from the 1991 Panini Top 15 set.

I clearly paid absolutely no attention to Panini’s first baseball run in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, because every time I see something I think “Wow, what’s that? I’ve never seen that before!”

This one is a rarity in my book… an attractive 1995 baseball card. This is from the 1995 Stadium Club Members Only set.

I’m thinking maybe it was because card manufacturers were trying too hard to get attention after the lost World Series of 1994, but I find that 1995 is probably the overall low point of baseball card design, with most of the sets being garish and fugly. This card I like, though.

I can’t think of much to say about this card, other than I would welcome a new set of Sports Illustrated cards.

Brady Anderson scores a run against the Disney-fied Angels.

I generally try to keep things somewhat positive on this blog, but I’ve been pondering a series called “I Hate The 1990’s”… Those Disney Angels uniforms would definitely get mentioned in such a series.

From the 2001 Upper Deck Legends Of New York set, here’s a nice Casey Stengel card.

Maybe it’s just me, but black and white photos work best when the entire card is black and white.  Black and white photos with colored borders or backgrounds just seem a bit… jarring to me.

Miguel Tejada is one of those guys where I look back on his stats with the Orioles and think “He was better than I remember him being”. For whatever reason, I really didn’t care much for Tejada. I’m not sure I could even explain why.

…But I will gladly add Tejada cards to my collection… as long as he’s in an Orioles uniform.

Huff Daddy!

I think it was one of the Orioles radio announcers who would refer to Aubrey Huff as “Huff Daddy”. All I know is that it stuck with me.

It occurs to me that a Goudey-like set could work pretty well as an unlicensed set.

This Jim Palmer is from 2013 Topps Update, but it managed to elude me before now.

s it wrong to say that I enjoy Palmer more as announcer when the O’s are not playing well?  He’s most entertaining when he’s groaning and calling someone out for doing something wrong.

To me, “Gypsy Queen” is the freakin’ awesome, air-guitar-inspiring coda to Santana’s “Black Magic Woman”.

But I would never say “No, thank you” to a Mookie Wilson card.

Mrs. Shlabotnik gives this card of Cal Ripken her seal of approval.

Although Mrs. S doesn’t share my joy of cards, she’s definitely gained an appreciation for cardboard in our time together.  Since she’s been a devoted fan of Cal’s since he had a full head of hair that was covered by a “Cartoon Bird” cap, I’ve shown her every card of his I’ve acquired in our 20+ years together…. My point being that her liking this card isn’t faint praise.

Wrapping things up with Boog! The Boogster! Boog Man! Boogarama! The Boogmeister! (Somewhere in this big ol’ world of ours, Rob Schneider is thankful that I’m reviving his SNL schtick)

In all the times I’ve been to Camden Yards, I’ve never had Boog’s BBQ.  I’ve thought about it, but every time I decide I’m going to try it, there’s a longer like than I want to wait in. Kind of a lame excuse, I know, but it is what it is.

I like the cartoon on the back of Boog’s card, so I felt I should share it.

Thanks for the PWE, Nick! It was very honestly a surprise in many ways.

7 thoughts on “PWE Playhouse: Fast And Thick From Dime Box Nick

  1. Great group of cards. A lot of them from sets I’ve never seen before.

    re: Boog’s BBQ…my last trip up there I wanted to get something from his place just to say I had but like you I found the lines too long. I figured that with my trips to Balmer so infrequent these days I’d rather spend the time poking around the ballpark.

  2. You’re very welcome! Glad you enjoyed everything. If you ever do decide to write an “I Hate the ’90s” post, I think pretty much any incarnation of the Devil Rays’ original uniforms is worth mentioning. Those things were ghastly.

  3. Nobody goes to Boog’s anymore. It’s too crowded. Besides the Boog I like the Stengel the best. Unfortunately every time I see Casey in a Mets uniform I think of this:

  4. Jefferies is one of those rare players that I think a lot of people consider a “bust,” but really had a long career. Due to the New York hype machine, he will likely never be appreciated for the solid player that he was.

  5. I think that was Panini’s first official baseball sticker set under that name. However Panini was private labeling the Topps baseball and sticker sets of the early 80’s. They were the big sticker maker for soccer in Europe in the 70’s and 80’s. Funny that topps still included their brand of poor airbrush jobs on those early baseball sticker sets (see 1981 and 1982 sets). Not sure when they stopped doing sticker sets. I think I’ve got some thru the mid80’s. And I do like the panini set since it has large graphics, solid cardboard backs and full size format.

    • After digging through some of my old sets, I came across a sticker set from Panini from 1988. It is the same size as the topps stickers of that period. So my previous comment about the above sticker being Panini’s first set is incorrect by three years.

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