Show & Tell Without A Lot Of ‘Tell’: “Texas Express” Cards With A Mets Slant

An “All Hands On Deck!” work project ate up much of my time this weekend, so I’m going to show off a number of cards I got from a dimebox a number of months ago.

The dimebox had a lot of cards from the 1991-92 Pacific “Nolan Ryan – Texas Express” set was a two-series set devoted to Nolan Ryan. There are 110 cards in each series and the cards show Ryan with the Mets, Angels, Astros and Rangers, plus other cards that show him outside of the ballpark.

As you might expect from a set with 220 cards devoted to one player, there’s only so much variety one can have. To quote the villain from the Beatles’ movie Help!, “My gosh! They all look the same in their similitude”.

I’m not a Nolan Ryan collector, so I only snagged the cards which showed him with the Mets. Here, with little additional text, are most of the cards I got (leaving out a couple which were very similar to ones shown here).

Fun fact #1:  The Mets are the only one of Ryan’s four teams which have not retired his #30.

Fun Fact #2:  Nolan Ryan is still in the Mets record book:

Most Walks — 116     Nolan Ryan     1971

Fun fact #3:  Nolan Ryan once held the Mets team record for strikeouts in a game, and he held the record for four days!  Ryan struck out 15 Phillies on 4/18/1970, and Tom Seaver struck out 19 Padres on 4/22/1970.  David Cone tied the record in 1991.

Notable Mets to also wear #30 (Courtesy of Baseball Reference):
Michael Conforto (2015-2017)
Josh Thole (2009-2012)
Cliff Floyd (2003-2006)
Mike Torrez (1983-1984)
Mike Scott (1979-1982)

For the record, here are Nolan Ryan’s stats from his time with the Mets (4 seasons plus a 1966 cuppa cawfee):  29-38, 3.58 ERA, 105 G, 510 IP, 369 BB, 493 K’s


4 thoughts on “Show & Tell Without A Lot Of ‘Tell’: “Texas Express” Cards With A Mets Slant

    • It sounds great in theory, but in 1971, Ryan’s last year with the Mets, Jerry Koosman and Gary Gentry both had better stats. Despite all his potential, Ryan didn’t really put it together until he went to the Angels, then he became the HOFer we’re all familiar with.

  1. I’ve got a few of the Astros related cards. My daughter was a Ryan fan (well, as much of a fan as she could be of a player in a sport she never enjoyed). She had a couple of 9 pockets of these which I inherited when she went off to college. I’m sure they are still in a box somewhere.

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