My Vintage Yastrzemski Collection (Population 8)

Continuing my series of HOFers appearing on vintage cards which I own. As always in this series, “vintage” is defined as cards from 1973 and before.

I haven’t been consistent with the order, but I think I’ll go from newest to oldest.

If I didn’t have the cutoff, I’d also include pretty much every one of Yaz’s Topps cards from 1974 to 1983, plus some Fleer, Donruss and oddballs. But since I established the cutoff, we’ll start with 1973.

Love those stirrups…. And is that Thurman Munson behind the plate?

Both Alex Johnson and Yaz are listed on the back as batting .329, but Johnson batted .32899 to Yastrzemski’s .32862. Oliva batted .325, if you were wondering.

This one is more straightforward; Frank Howard hit 44 dingers, Killer hit 41 and Yaz had 40.

Because the last card is from the 1964 Topps Giants set, it gets the big scan treatment.


5 thoughts on “My Vintage Yastrzemski Collection (Population 8)

  1. ‘Hack’ had the same idea I did, Yaz sure didn’t do much smiling on is cards. Love the ’64 Giant and I really like the 1970 Topps, too. I’m actually looking for one of those.

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