Doppelgangers? ….Maybe….

A couple of years ago I had a short series of posts about what I called Doppelgangers, which are pairs of cards which were from different manufacturers but showed the same moment from slightly different angles.  For those of you who don’t want to click on links, here’s my favorite example:  The Geronimo Pena cards from 1994 Topps and Upper Deck Collector’s Choice:

The Dodger underneath Geronimo Pena is Brett Butler.  These two cards feature photos that were clearly taken by different photographers at the same moment.

The pairs I’m featuring today appear to be from the same play, but aren’t from the same moment and could conceivably be from different plays… but they’re close enough to be cool.

First up, we’ve got the patron saint of the baseball card Blogosphere, Bip Roberts.  Bip appears to be turning two against the A’s while Eric Fox (#28) breaks it up.

Since 1993 was before Interleague play, you wouldn’t see the Padre`s and A’s appear in the same game outside of Spring Training, so there’s no way to know which game this is from.  I don’t even know for sure that the Athletic on the ground in the second card is also Eric Fox.

Next up is a pair from 1994 Score and Collector’s Choice, this time featuring the Red Sox’ John Valentin and the A’s Brent Gates.

I could make guesses as to the play, but I couldn’t even swear that this is the same play.  I’m comfortable in saying that it’s either from July 8th 1993 or July 10th (Gates didn’t get on base on the 9th).

This final pair of cards isn’t really a Doppelganger because both cards are from 1994 Upper Deck sets, but I’ll feature it anyway, mainly because I kinda liked Anthony Young when he pitched for the Mets.

5 thoughts on “Doppelgangers? ….Maybe….

  1. These are fun! Now Anthony “0-27” Young is a Coog I instant recognize. LOL He grew up not far from where I am now.

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