A Bunch Of Oddballs Heading Into The Holiday Weekend

I’ll be frank;  I don’t feel like thinking much, and I certainly don’t feel like doing much in the way of research.  As a result, I’ve got five oddballs;  three from the 1960’s, two not.

This well-worn Rick Monday card from the 1968 Game insert must’ve spent a lot of time in someone’s pocket. Perhaps I should upgrade it someday. Perhaps.

I’m increasingly of the opinion that the unloved Topps Big Baseball sets of the late 1980’s could’ve been loved if they had better designs. As evidence, I share this card.

Honestly, just change the “rainbow splat” to something a little less 1980’s, change the frame to red, green or blue, and this card would be an undisputed beauty.

I don’t know if Japanese cards count as “oddballs”, but keep in mind today’s ground rules – I don’t feel like thinking. This Hiroki Kuroda is from the 2001 Calbee set.

And here’s the back.  Even the height and weight (184cm, 79kg) is unintelligible to me… and I went to elementary school in the 1970’s when they tried to make sure we all understood metric measurements.  Yeah, that didn’t work out terribly well.

I got this 1963 Post card solely because I used to bowl on a team with a guy named Bill Stafford. Not *this* Bill Stafford, though.

This Albie Pearson card is one of my favorites from the 1964 Topps Giant set. The mountains in the background just make this oversized beauty.

No matter what you’re doing, I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend!


One thought on “A Bunch Of Oddballs Heading Into The Holiday Weekend

  1. Those 1964 Topps Giants are now on my collectible radar and yes, the Albie Pearson is a favorite because it looks so natural and unposed. The Tommy Davis Topps Giant also provides another, unposed kind of photo and is really a good looking mini-poster of a fine player.

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