1976 SSPC: Chris Arnold, Mike Ivie, Andy Messersmith

This SSPC post features players from the Giants, Padres and Dodgers, giving a California flair to the proceedings…

1976 was Chris Arnold’s last year in the Majors, and his stats for that year momentarily threw me for a loop. The first thing I noticed was that he’s listed as playing every infield position… Then I noticed that he appeared in 60 games, but played 8 at 2nd, 4 at 3rd, 1 at 1st and 1 at short. Then I went back and noticed 76 plate appearances in 60 games… so…  pinch hitter? With a .276 OBP?

The Giants released Chris Arnold early in 1977 and he signed with the Kintetsu Buffaloes of the Pacific League in Japan. It so happens that I have his card from the 1979 TCMA Japanese Baseball set, so it’s “bonus coverage” time.

BTW, the card is misscanned, not miscut.

Mike Ivie was a high school catcher who was drafted 1st overall in 1970.  While he wasn’t the superstar one hopes for with the first overall pick, he was a solid player for 5 seasons, and he appeared in 11 seasons overall.

In 1976, Ivie lead the team with a .291 average and 70 RBI.

Check out the entire first round in that June 1970 draft;  there’s very little in the way of “star power”, with one exception: Mike Ivie, Steve Dunning, Barry Foote, Darrell Porter (the exception), Mike Martin, Lee Richard, Randy Scarbery, Rex Goodson, Jim Haller, Paul Dade, Jim Browning, Dave Cheadle, John Bedard, Chip Maxwell, Gary Polczynski, Jimmie Hacker, John D’Acquisto, Dan Ford, Gene Hiser, Terry Mappin, Ron Broaddus, Bob Gorinski, George Ambrow, James West.


Andy Messersmith is probably best known these days as a pioneer of free agency, but he was a two-time 20 game winner, a four-time all-star, a two-time gold-glover and in 1975 he got 19 wins while leading the league in Complete games and shutouts in 1975.

Messersmith signed a 3-year, $1 Million contract with the Braves before the 1976 season, and while he did make the all-star team for a fourth and final time, his numbers were down across the board, finishing the season 11-11, 3.04 (to be fair, the ’76 Braves lost 92 games).  Messersmith was also part of the late 1972 Angels/Dodgers trade that involved Frank Robinson, Bobby Valentine and four other players.

Although Messersmith looks a little uncomfortable with the bat on this card, he did bat .240 in 1974 and went 2-for-4 in that year’s World Series.

All three are at Shea.
Shea: 75
Pretty sure it’s Shea: 13
Can’t tell: 20
Not Shea: 9

1970’s Census: Keeping track of all the instances of 1970’s trends
Total Cards: 116
1970’s Sideburns: 67
Fu Manchu: 4
Mustache other than Fu Manchu: 37
Afro: 2
Perm: 2
Aviators: 8
Long Hair: 29


3 thoughts on “1976 SSPC: Chris Arnold, Mike Ivie, Andy Messersmith

  1. Yes, Darrell Porter was a fine big leaguer. Growing up in the same city (Oklahoma City) I had the privilege of watching Porter and his three brothers terrorize the high school baseball/summer American Legion seasons stretching (between the 4 Porter brothers) collectively for nearly a decade.

  2. Darrell Porter was and still is to this day my all time favorite baseball player. Having met him in 1979 in Kansas City and in 1983 in St. Louis, the man was always a class act, and way better than most people give him credit for. I miss him still to this day. Cried my eyes out when he passed away in 2002,

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