How Do You Solve A Problem Like The Marlins?

With the The Miami Marlins will soon have new ownership, and for most people it can’t come soon enough… but once the ownership change becomes official, that’s when the fun starts.

You’d have a hard time finding anyone who thinks that the past 15 years has been anything but a public relations disaster. Floridians hate Loria. Baseball fans hate Loria. When Loria is gone, there will be much rejoicing.

But the thing is that many people hate the Marlins because of Loria and his predecessors (who were not exactly guardians of the public trust themselves). So if you’re the new owners of the team, what do you do to put up a figurative “Under New Management” sign on Marlins Park?

Would you go as far as to change the team name? There’s enough brand recognition in the “Marlins” name that I wouldn’t expect a change, but we are dealing with an extreme situation.

Would you change the team’s logo and uniforms? I didn’t care for the Marlins logo or uniforms when they were unveiled, but they grew on me a bit and I will say that they’re better than the original black & teal uniforms.

But the other side of this is that the uniform also carries a Loria stench with it. He is the one who drove all the art-y changes involving the Marlins, from the uniforms to the garish Home Run sculpture. Keep in mind that licensing rules and obligations makes any change to a team’s visual branding like doing a one-eighty in a cruise ship, but if it were me, I would start the ball rolling immediately and get as much fan input as possible.

I don’t know how the fanbase feels about “Billy The Marlin”…

Me, I think he’s creepy as hell and if I were the new owner, Billy would be the first one out the door.

On the field… Job #1 is keeping Giancarlo Stanton happy. He is the face of the team, he is your primary on-field asset in terms of play and marketability.

Enough of my spitballing…

What would you do if you bought the Marlins?

6 thoughts on “How Do You Solve A Problem Like The Marlins?

  1. If I was rich enough to buy the Marlins… I probably would invest my money elsewhere. But that’s not what you asked. If I bought the Marlins:

    #1: I’d make attending baseball games very, very affordable by lowering ticket prices, parking prices, and concession stand prices. Hopefully this will get people to leave their couches and start filling stadium seats. Rebuilding their fan base would be priority #1.

    #2: Take care of Stanton.

    #3: Hope the rest of that core lineup (Ozuna, Yelich, Realmuto, and Bour) continue to grow and hit well over the next few years to help Stanton bring fans to the stadium.

    Okay… my brain hurts. Obviously I’m not cut out to own a team. I’d start with these three things and hire a really good general manager so my head would hurt less.

  2. Hmm If I were rich enough to buy the Miami Marlins? MOVE EM TO MONTREAL! OK maybe nothing that drastic since there is somewhat of a fan base somewhere still in Florida. Still I think Baseball needs to return to Montreal they have had 12 years (13 seasons) without Baseball. As a Washington Baseball fan who went 33 years without a team to call my own I know what it feels like to be team-less for decades.

    OK seriously I would probably clean out the front office and the coaching staff. Expect to be a worse than rotten team for at least five years. Tend to the farm system make sure the minor league affiliates have some decent raw talent ready to bring up to the big boy team soon. Look at their coaches as well make sure there are people who KNOW baseball and have good proven track records to guide the youngsters coming up in the system.

  3. I’d go retro on the uniforms. I liked the first ones. I’s also revert to the Florida Marlins. I have several friends who live in Miami, and they tell me a lot of the residents there who do give a flip about the Marlins still refer to them as the Florida Marlins.

    Keep the talent they have, but don’t overspend like they did with Gio Stanton. Give Don Mattingly a fat contract, and the freedom to hire his own coaches. Redo the stadium—and get rid of that monstrosity out in right centerfield that noone seems to like. Stregnthen radio and TV rights—-both on the English and Spanish side–WINZ-AM for the English broadcasts and WAQI-AM for the Spanish side. Allow WBFS-TV 33 to air about 40 games. And be better involved in the community, no fire sales and no threats to move the team to Montreal or Boise.

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