There And Back Again

On Saturday I went to my first sports collectibles show in 9 months… I drove 2.5 hours in the morning, spent the entire afternoon walking a show floor, spent every dollar I had on me and drove 2.5 hours home… 250 miles round trip, $10 admission, about $15 worth of gasoline and a 10-hour chunk out of my day.

HELL YEAH it was worth it!

Naturally, when I got home from the show, I found a box from COMC in my mailbox… Because, you know, feast or famine.

So the good news is that between the show and my COMC order I’ve got over 1,000 new cards spanning seven decades, nine sports and six countries to share with you. Of course, it’s mostly baseball, but still… this stuff is fairly well all over the place.

I’ll give you a quick sample today, but you’ll be seeing more cards as I get organized.

When I counted up the sports, I counted this one as “wrestling”, although I suppose it could be listed as “non-sport” in a couple of ways… this is from the 2017 Topps WWE set, and becomes the only card I own from a wrestling set.

I know nothing about NXT or Cathy Kelley™… yes, her name is trademarked… but I was going through a dimebox and her red dress caught my eye, so I tossed the card on the stack.

I’m pretty sure I don’t need this Ron Cey Hostess card, but there are certain sets where I buy whatever I find in a dime box, regardless of whether I need it or not.

I never saw Johnny Damon when he played for the Wilmington Blue Rocks, but I’ve been to Frawley Stadium to see the Rocks play, and I like these uniforms.

The card – keep in mind this is from 1995 – says he’s “one of the top 10 prospects in the minors according to Baseball Weekly” and “Worships George Brett, Michael Jordan, Kevin Costner, ‘Days Of Our Lives’, ‘Wayne’s World’, Sega games and Cookie Dough ice cream.”

Current-Day Johnny Damon says “Dude, cut me a break, I was 21!”

I bought about 25 of these 2017 Pro Debut cards from one dealer.  My former source of these cards has dried up, so 25 is more than I’ve had from any of the prior two years.

Chance Sisco is an anticipated catching prospect who’s 22 years old, in AAA, and one of the reasons the O’s let Matt Wieters walk.

Finally, here’s a card I got from COMC, and one which puts my Curling collection at a whopping TEN CARDS!  Woo!  Second binder page!  This card is from the 2014 Upper Deck 25th Anniversary set and has been something of a “White Koi” for me;  I was chasing it for a while, but couldn’t find a card at a price I was willing to pay (until now, of course).

Rachel Homan is the skip of the team which ran the table in winning the World Championship earlier this year.

So that’s about it for now. I’m really excited to share some of my purchases, and you’ll be seeing more of these over the next month or two… three… four… Well, there’ll be a certain point where I’ll just stop telling you that the cards I’m showing you came from the July show.

Oh, one other fun thing about this show… it’s on the approach path to a major airport, so there’s always plans flying relatively low overhead… sometimes low enough to read the markings on the plane.

We have clearance, Clarence.  Roger, Roger.  What’s the vector, Victor?

18 thoughts on “There And Back Again

  1. I gotta get a t-shirt made with my blog on it so you fellow bloggers will recognize me at shows like Chantilly….

  2. I don’t know if there’s a better feeling in this hobby than finding Hostess in a dime box. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your finds!

  3. The Cathy Kelley card reminds me of something in Joe Posnanski’s book “The Soul Of Baseball” when Buck O’Neill tells him that “you never in your life walk by a red dress” or something like that. I think he would have approved of you picking up that card.

  4. Sounds like a perfect day..all your time and money spent on the hobby.

    How do you trademark your name? Does that mean that the Cathy Kelley I knew once upon a time is forced to change hers? No wonder she’s not on Facebook.

    I have a bunch of t-shirts and polos with my fantasy football league name and logo on them that I wear to shows. People ask about it and I give them my card with my blogs listed on the back. It’s how I got to know the guy who runs my monthly hotel shows and we’ve become friends so it paid off despite my wife rolling her eyes when I wear one.

    • It’s a WWE thing.. They try to own as many properties as possible when it comes to a character.
      Cathy Kelley does different things online and does the upcoming tour promos that show up on TV during the shows..

  5. Just think, some people spend all day golfing.

    It never occurred to me there were curling cards. That’s something I might have to look into.

    • Six of the cards I have are from the 2014 Topps Olympic set (3 base cards, 3 inserts). Fingers crossed that there’ll be more in the 2018 set (assuming there is one). My other curling cards are like this one – single cards from various UD sets (i.e. Goodwin Champions)

      Good point about golf. I have a co-worker who’s a golf fanatic but – poor guy – always seems to call in sick on beautiful days.

    • There were also sets in 1993 and 1994 by Ice Hot International. Mind you, 99.9999% of the cards are Canadians..

      Speaking of Golf.. I also have some Upper Deck Golf cards lol

      • Wow, thanks for the information, I didn’t know about those sets.

        When I do the follow-up post (which might be sooner than later), I’ll list that set and all the other cards I know of but don’t yet have.

    • I just made a note to feature all of my curling cards in an upcoming post. In the meantime, You can probably find all of them by searching this blog for “Curling”. You’ll also find a bunch of customs, but I’m sure you can deal with those in the short term.

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