2017 TSR: A 4th Series Cello Pack To Make Up For Lost Time

My custom card output has been way down since the start of the season. There are a number of reasons for this… time, energy, enthusiasm. I’ll even blame Topps Now to some degree, because it feels a little pointless to make a “2017 Highlights” custom when Topps has already done so and, unlike me, will ship them out.

A recent spate of throwback games got me making throwback customs again, and all of the recent player movement inspired me to make my “flagship” TSR customs again. Normally by this time of year, I’d be working under the pretense of a 4th series coming out… but I couldn’t work up the enthusiasm to do a 4th series wax wrapper…

…so today we’re getting a cello pack. I won’t say I miss cellos, not exactly, but I do miss being able to pick out a pack that has a “need” on top.

So here’s the top card in the pack…

The Cubs have been playing well lately; I don’t know if it coincided with the acquisition of Quintana from the White Sox, but I’m sure it didn’t hurt, if only from a general enthusiasm standpoint.

It wasn’t long ago that the Red Sox acquired a Giants third baseman and it worked out poorly for everyone involved. The Sox cut the Panda loose and to replace him they… get a Giants third baseman. Hmm.

I would say that I hope it works out better this time, but as I’ve got no reason to pull for Nunez or the Sox, I won’t say that.

I almost created a semi-parody of Topps Now for this post, something to feature interesting moments which wouldn’t make it into “Now”. The first “TSR Not Now” card, as it was tentatively called, would’ve featured Todd Frazier hitting into a triple play in his first home at-bat as a Yankee.

With the bases loaded and (of course) no outs, Frazier hit a grounder up the middle. Reds shortstop Jose Peraza stepped on second for one out, threw to first for the second, and Didi Gregorius got caught in a rundown for the third out… However, Matt Holliday did score on the play.

Big Sexy recently made his way to Minnesota, but after two games he’s not pitching appreciably better than he was with the Braves.

I really enjoyed Colon’s time with the Mets and I hope he sorts things out and gets back to pitching like he did when he was 43 (ha!).

In one of the least-surprising trades of the month so far, the Mets traded Lucas Duda.

Duda is in his walk year, and the Mets have the highly anticipated Dominic Smith ready to take over at first in the (hopefully) near future.

Between the two leagues, there have been six “Rookie Of The Month” awards given out so far this season, and those awards went to three different players. The only one not named “Judge” or “Bellinger” is Rockies pitcher Antonio Senzatela, who won the N.L. April award.

I’m a bit surprised I wasn’t aware of this guy until recently. He got off to a hot start in April and May, getting off to a 7-1 record, but then he fell off in June, got sent to the bullpen and then AAA Albuquerque. He’s back in the Rockies rotation now.

Meanwhile, Aaron Judge is hitting just .244 with 6 homers in July, so we’ll see if he gets a 4th consecutive “Rookie Of The Month” award.

Rafael Montero has not pitched well in 2017 (or 2016, for that matter), but he’s been in 21 games with 7 starts, so it seems like he should have some sort of card, even if it’s a virtual one.

He was a well-regarded prospect at one point, and he pitched in the 2013 Futures Game.

Former Met Ruben Tejada has found his way to my Orioles as a fill in while J.J. Hardy is on the DL.

It’s funny how Tejada went from a regular with the Mets to a journeyman in short order. The photo on his baseball-reference.com page shows him with a team he never actually played for (the Yankees).

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