Diamonds In A Dime Box: 2017 Panini Diamond Kings

Of the many dimeboxes I recently waded through, one of them had some 2017 Panini Diamond Kings. I hadn’t run across these in person before, and one sentence sums up how I feel about these:

Topps better pray that Panini doesn’t get an MLB license, because these are sweeeeeeeeeeet!

And it’s not even “I like these enough to wish they were licensed” like 2017 Donruss was… These are “I don’t mind that they aren’t licensed” nice…

…They’re “I’m going to actively pursue cards for my team/player collections” nice.

Can you tell that I like them?

The rookie cards are featured on a different design.  Gavin Cecchini is a Mets prospect who’s had two cups of coffee.

I saw Roman Quinn play in the minors and he became a favorite because he’s about my height and he’s faaaaaaaaast.  He had a cuppa cawfee last season, I’m hoping he’ll be back soon.

Robert Gsellman surprised and impressed people with his first 8 games last season.  This season hasn’t been quite as impressive and he’s currently on the DL.

As for the “actively pursuing cards for my team/player collection” I’d mentioned before… Sadly, this means obtaining just another five or six cards out of this small set… But I’m definitely going after those babies.


3 thoughts on “Diamonds In A Dime Box: 2017 Panini Diamond Kings

  1. I do think they’re nice looking but I still can’t get over the lack of logos. I did buy a Ron Santo two years ago but just one of the variations. I do wish MLB hadn’t gone the exclusive route.

  2. love them for a quarter even! i am ready for Panini to be licensed and hope Topps suffers a bit with their NFL loss. Topps has become boring, to me anyway. The same photos over and over… phht!

  3. I hope that MLB eventually ends the whole monopoly idea. I like these too. Not to the point where I’d actively track down packs, boxes, or sets. I’m still a logo snob. But it’s a good looking set.

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