Saturday Side Trip: Track #8 From The Beatles FrankenAlbums

As many of you know by now, I’m applying the “FrankenSet” concept to Beatles albums and creating a Beatles FrankenAlbum containing the (subjectively) best song for each track number. I also have a “covers album” in the works, and voting on the Shlabotnik Report’s readers’ FrankenAlbum, and images from the 1993 River Group “The Beatles Collection” card set… like this one:

Recapping the voting from last week… George Harrison’s “Here Comes The Sun” narrowly beat out George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”.

Here’s where we stand after seven tracks:

My FrankenAlbum:

  1. Help
  2. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
  3. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
  4. Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
  5. And I Love Her
  6. I Am The Walrus
  7. Can’t Buy Me Love

Your FrankenAlbum:

  1. A Hard Day’s Night
  2. Something
  3. I’m Only Sleeping
  4. Medley: Nowhere Man / Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
  5. Medley: And I Love Her / I’ll Follow The Sun / Think For Yourself / Octopus’s Garden
  6. Medley: I Am The Walrus / Let It Be
  7. Here Comes The Sun

My Favorite Covers FrankenAlbum:

  1. “Come Together” by Aerosmith
  2. “With A Little Help From My Friends” by Joe Cocker
  3. “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” by The Hooters
  4. “Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey” by Fats Domino
  5. “Sexy Sadie” by Phish
  6. “Tell Me Why” by The Beach Boys
  7. “She Said She Said” by Gov’t Mule

If you want to see the prior posts, you can click on the “Beatles FrankenAlbum” link at the bottom of this post.

As before, I’m seeding the tracks in alphabetical order (highest vs. lowest, second-highest vs. second-lowest, etc.) OK, let’s start off the tournament…

White-Album Play-In Round:
“While My Guitar Gently Weeps” (Disk 1) vs. “Revolution 1” (Disk 2)
“Happiness” is sort of a preview of Side 2 of Abbey Road in that it’s a pastiche of different song bits combined into a song.

For those of you who only know one version of “Revolution”, that’s the single version. “Revolution 1” is the same song, a bit more acoustic, slowed down and with a few “Shoo-be-doo-wops” thrown in for good measure. The video for “Revolution” is a combination of both versions; it’s largely the same as the single version, but with the “Shoo-be-doo-wops” and “Don’t you know that you can’t count me out (in)” of the album version.

Ah, what the heck, here’s the video:

“Revolution 9” is another thing entirely; we’ll address that when the time comes.
WINNER: “Revolution 1”

Round One:

“Any Time At All” (A Hard Day’s Night) vs. “Roll Over Beethoven” (With The Beatles)
WINNER: “Roll Over Beethoven”

“Because” (Abbey Road) vs. “Revolution 1” (White Album)
I’ve said before that my favorite period of Beatledom is the Help / Rubber Soul / Revolver triumvirate…. But Side 2 of Abbey Road is right up there as well.  “Because” has the harmonies, but what I find interesting is that there’s synthesizer on there – at the time a very expensive instrument – and the Beatles use it in a way where it doesn’t sound dated today.
WINNER: “Because”

“Eight Days A Week” (Beatles For Sale) vs. “Within You, Without You” (Sgt. Pepper)
I really like the “Love” album’s mash-up of “Within You, Without You” and “Tomorrow Never Knows”.  This has nothing to do with the matter at hand, but I just figured I’d mention it.
WINNER: Eight Days A Week

“Act Naturally” (Help) vs. “What Goes On” (Rubber Soul)
Ooh, this is a challenge for me. I’m not a huge Ringo fan, especially country-fried Ringo. I’ll go with “What Goes On” because it’s an original instead of a cover.
WINNER: “What Goes On”

“I’ve Got A Feeling” (Let It Be) vs. “Good Day Sunshine” (Revolver)
Today’s British English lesson:  “I’ve Got A Feeling” includes the lines “Everybody had a good year, everybody let their hair down, everybody pulled their socks up, everybody put their foot down”.

According to the Cambridge Online Dictionary, to “pull your socks up” means “to make an effort to improve your work or behaviour because it is not good enough”, and they give the example “He’s going to have to pull his socks up if he wants to stay in the team.”

The dictionary lists it as “UK Informal”, but I’ve known my friend from South Africa to use this phrase.
WINNER: “I’ve Got A Feeling”

“Strawberry Fields Forever” (Magical Mystery Tour) vs. “Love Me Do” (Please Please Me)
Whether you prefer “I buried Paul” or “cranberry sauce”, I’ve got to go with Strawberry Fields Forever.
WINNER: “Strawberry Fields Forever”

Round Two:
“Roll Over Beethoven” vs. “Strawberry Fields Forever”
WINNER: “Strawberry Fields Forever”

“Because” vs. “I’ve Got A Feeling”
A tough decision was involved, but y’know… I’ve got a feeling.
WINNER: “I’ve Got A Feeling”

“Eight Days A Week” vs. “What Goes On”
Under a different tournament seeding, “What Goes On” would not have gotten this far.
WINNER: “Eight Days A Week”

Championship round: “Strawberry Fields Forever” vs. “I’ve Got A Feeling” vs. “Eight Days A Week”
I love all three songs in this championship round in different ways;  Because of the vitamins, fiber and antioxidants, I think I’m going to go Strawberry.
WINNER: “Strawberry Fields Forever”

Cover Version FrankenAlbum

This week’s pick is not only a good version of “Because”, it’s a very interesting version (and a relatively recent one at that).

“Porque” (Because) by Grupo Fantasma

And now it’s voting time!



4 thoughts on “Saturday Side Trip: Track #8 From The Beatles FrankenAlbums

  1. “Strawberry Fields Forever” is indeed the clear choice here. In some ways it’s The Beatles’ finest moment.

    For once I really don’t have a choice in mind for the cover. I may have to go back and change this at some point, but for the moment I’ll pick “Happiness Is A Warm Gun” by World Party because it’s my second-favorite song of these candidates, and they’re a good band. I’d go with “Roll Over Beethoven” by Helene Dixon if it didn’t feel so wrong to pick a cover of a song the group didn’t write (and which was recorded before John and Paul even met).

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