Four Steelers From 1964 Philadelphia Football

In observance of the start of the NFL season, I decided to share four recently-acquired Steelers cards from the 1964 Philadelphia Gum NFL set. I can’t tell you much about the four-year run of Philadelphia as the official trading card of the NFL, other than that I really like the “less is more” design used for each of the four years, and I particularly like the large cartoons on the back of the 1964 cards… so I’m featuring the fronts and the backs of today’s cards.

One thing I find interesting about the cartoons is that even though the drawings are not true caricatures, the “cartoon players” are in Steelers uniforms and wearing the number worn by the featured player.

Lou Michaels was a kicker AND a defensive lineman for the Steelers.  Gotta love that.  CommishBob might not love Lou Michaels because he – Lou, not Bob – missed two field goals in the Colts’ loss to the Jets in Super Bowl III.

Myron Pottios played for the Steelers, Rams & Redskins and was named to three Pro Bowls.

Gary Ballman’s 2949 receiving yards as a Steeler still ranks 17th on the all-time Steeler list (above Dwight Stone, Franco Harris and Antwaan Randle El, among others)

Mike Sandusky was an All-American in both Football and Wrestling.  He played 9 years for the Steelers and made one Pro Bowl.

I”m not really sure what’s going on in this cartoon…  Is that supposed to be a military draft physical? What’s with the woman? Is she a nurse? I feel like I’m missing some sort of cultural shorthand here… or that they changed the trivia question after the cartoonist was done.


6 thoughts on “Four Steelers From 1964 Philadelphia Football

  1. The Sandusky cartoon woman is his mother, praying. Read the card’s text and the cartoon makes sense. Of course, the cartoon should have depicted an infant Mike Sandusky to be truly accurate.

  2. I forgave Lou Michaels a long time ago. He was a pretty neat guy according to my uncle who had some connections with the Colts.

    I absolutely love this set. If I ever get around to chasing a vintage fb set it will be this one. I mean those Browns’ cards with Jimmy Brown’s Caddy in the background? Fantastic stuff.

    • I’ve recently come to the conclusion that this set deserves more from me than just chasing Steelers. I definitely have to pick up a Browns card because of the Cadillac, there’s a Giants card I saw that I want, and I might do something like getting at least one card from each team, just because I love the bright, simple design.

  3. That Myron Pottios card was one of the first 3 sports cards I ever had (along with the ’64 Darrell Dess and ’64 John Mackey). I don’t know where/how I got them, because I didn’t actively collect sports cards until 1967.

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