Jiminy! Cricket!

A couple of months ago at work, several of us got to talking about the binder full of Pokemon cards that so many kids have. One teammate mentioned her own son’s Pokemon binder and went on to say that when she was a kid in India in the 1980’s, everybody collected WWF and Cricket cards.

Now two thoughts crossed my mind at that moment… The first was about the fact that WWF was popular enough in India to have cards, at least in the 1980’s. I have to say, I have several friends who grew up in different countries and it often surprises me (and sometimes pains me) to hear about some of the pop culture exports which came out of the USA.

The second thought was this: “There’s such a thing as Cricket cards? OOH! WANT SOME!”

The first thing I did when I got home was sign on to COMC and search on “Cricket”. Most of what I found were tobacco cards featuring portraits which could’ve been from any sport.

After some searching I found some Australian Topps Cricket cards from the 2002 Topps ACB Gold Cricket set. Since the Cricketers involved meant absolutely nothing to me, I picked out three based on the action shots.

Since I don’t know anything about the Cricketers or teams, and I don’t have any time to research them, you’ll have to make do with scans of the front and backs…

I don’t currently see myself buying any more Cricket cards in the near future, not unless I run across some which are, for whatever reason, irresistible… but I’m happy to add these to my “Misc. Sports” binder.

But they’re actually not the first Cricket-related cards I owned.  I have this card of W.G. Grace from the 1969 Brooke Bond Tea “Famous People” set.

Grace was, from what I’ve gathered, somewhat equivalent to Babe Ruth in terms of ability and importance… but this card wasn’t meant for a “Cricket” part of my collection, but rather as a sort of “Monty Python Reference” collection… Specifically in this sketch where Grace appears briefly as part of a Terry Gilliam cartoon (at 1:45 if you don’t want to watch the entire sketch):




9 thoughts on “Jiminy! Cricket!

  1. We actually have an all-cricket channel, which I think comes out of India. It came with our sports package from cable. I tried to watch it on my old tv but like many channels it wouldn’t pull in. Since I watch on my phone now I usually have the NHL, NBA or Olympics channel on and have not tried again. I should, maybe I’ll like it.

  2. I used to see some guys practicing cricket in a park near where I lived in Chicago so it must be played a bit there. I’ve thought about buying some of the tobacco cards but I guess there are better things to spend my money on. Cool to have a few of anything just for the variety. I’m sure they didn’t set you back very much.

  3. I have a buddy from the U.K who I took to his first baseball game. He was in his 50’s at the time. It was kind of fun explaining the game to him as it unfolded. It was actually a decent game with a lot of action and some unique situations you don’t always see. As we were sitting there I asked about the similarities to cricket. He said that there seemed to be some similarities. I asked him to explain the rules. His response was. ” it may take the rest of the weekend to explain”

  4. A few years ago, some guys started playing cricket at the little league field near my place. I’ve always wanted to pull up a lawn chair with a cooler and watch the action… while trying to figure out the game. Not sure if that’ll ever happen. But I think about it every time I drive buy and they’re playing.

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