Buying Some Time With Recent COMC Purchases

I’m working on a post that’s taking a fair amount of research (hopefully you’ll find it interesting when it hits the blog in a couple of days) so to buy myself some time I’ve got a quickie post involving a number of cards I bought on COMC over the spring and summer and got shipped this past July.

The most significant card I got was this Ozzie Smith rookie card, which I suppose counts as a White Whale because I’ve been on the hunt for a copy which fits in my budget.

This one is off-center and dinged in the corners, but it works for my collection.

I stumbled on this card of HOFer Brad Park with the Detroit Red Wings, which was such an odd concept to me that I had to pull the trigger.

Park finished his career with 2 seasons in Detroit, hardly one of Dime Box Nick’s “Short Term Stops”, which makes me wonder why I don’t remember it.

Niner!  Jeff Conine is one of my favorite all-time Orioles, plus I like MLB Showdown cards, so this next card was a no-brainer.

Conine is known as “Mr. Marlin”, so it was puzzling and disappointing when the Jeter-fronted Marlins got the outgoing regime to fire Conine and some other household-name-y front office guys, and then offered them new jobs with lower responsibility and lower pay. The fact that the new Marlins ownership paid a king’s ransom for the team and have to be cheap with everything else reminds me of pictures I’ve seen of rundown shacks with a BMW parked outside.

I had been pleased to pick up this early Adam Jones card showing him with the Mariners, but then found that I already had it. D’OH!

I enjoy hockey, but these days I’d just as soon watch NCAA as NHL. I was impressed by one game I saw of Jack Eichel when he played for Boston U., so he’s become a player I kinda sorta collect…. plus I just like this card.

Like me, the Nashville Predators’ Anthony Bitetto is from Long Island, so I continued my love/hate relationship with things Lawnguyland by picking up one of Bitetto’s few cards.

Upper Deck Compendium seems to be some sort of all-encompassing 900-card set along the lines of Topps Total, so for that I commend Compendium.

Other Long Islanders currently in the NHL include the Blue Jackets’ Sonny Milano, the Bruins’ Charlie McAvoy and the Devils’ Kyle Palmieri and Keith Kinkaid.  If I didn’t already have far too many goals, I might consider collecting hockey players from LI.

I’ll wrap things up with a 1972 Joe Hague, which filled a 5th Series need in my meandering quest to accumulate 1972 cards and see where I end up.


5 thoughts on “Buying Some Time With Recent COMC Purchases

  1. I’m in the same boat as you — the only reason I own a ’79 Smith rookie is because of a low-grade copy I found in a discount box a while back. It’s creased all over, but I couldn’t pass it up for two bucks.

  2. I was disappointed to hear that the Marlins and Conine parted ways. They’re like peanut butter and jelly. They’re a package deal. But then again… I never thought I’d see Jeter associated with anyone other than the NY Yankees.

    P.S. Sweet Ozzie rc!

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