Maybe These Will Help Me Keep A Schedule

Another day with nothing prepared…  Business as usual for me.  I went poking through some of my scans and ran across a bunch of pocket schedules from the 1980’s and early 1990’s, and figured that could make a quick, fun post.

We’ll start off with the most recent of the bunch, a 1990 Mets pocket schedule featuring Howard Johnson

This next one’s got a bit of history to it, and is about as old-school and low-budget as you get. This schedule is for the AAA American Association Denver Zephyrs in their last season before the Colorado Rockies came in to Mile High and sent the Zephyrs to New Orleans.

Despite the schedule’s red ink, the team’s colors were blue and green, and they played up the “Z” aspect of their branding (Look at the stitching on the baseball in the logo).

The American Association got merged into the Pacific Coast League and International League, and the franchise is now known as the (shudder) New Orleans Baby Cakes.

The Philadelphia Flyers tried to recruit me in 1983/84. I continue to elude the authorities.

That’s Bobby Clarke towards the end of his playing career.

Looking back at Dwight Gooden’s 1985 Cy Young-winning stats is enough to make one say “Holy crap!”

24-4, 1.53 ERA, 16 complete games, 8 shutouts, 268 K’s… and he was 20 years old.

1986 Yankees… BOOOOOOO!  The schedule says “Follow The Leaders”, which looks a bit silly in hindsight given that the 1986 Yankees finished 5.5 games behind the Red Sox, and the 1986 Mets were WORLD CHAMPIONS, BABY!

If you can’t read the fine print, the depicted Yankees are Ricky Henderson, Ron Guidry and Don Mattingly.

This last schedule is a two-in-one 1988/89 New York Rangers and Knicks pocket schedule.  I think the Ranger is James Patrick (Help me out, Blueshirts fans)

The Knick cover boy is Brooklyn product and St. John’s alum Mark Jackson… at least, that’s who wore #13 at the time according to a couple of different sources.  Never having been a basketball fan, I’m only barely aware of the name.

Have a happy Friday, everybody!


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