Card Show In A Box, Part 2: Five Mets

I’d thought that the holidays would allow me to do an extra post this week, but it didn’t quite work out the way that I’d intended, so today’s post is a bit of a rush job.

This is the second of a series of posts covering a 500-count box I got from A Cracked Bat. The box contained all kinds of goodies in it and felt as if I’d hired a personal shopper to go to a card show for me; hence the title.

This first card is made of acetate or some sort of clear plastic, and as a result it is considered to be “neat”, even though Scott Hunter, the prospect pictured on it, didn’t pan out………. OR DID HE? (duh duh DAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!)

I didn’t remember Hunter ever playing for the Mets, so I looked him up on to see how high he made it – AAA as it turns out – but also noticed that he started out in the Dodgers organization. When I Googled him to find out how he got from the Dodgers to the Mets, I found out that he’s currently the Seattle Mariners’ director for Amateur Scouting. Well, damn.

Oh, and I did eventually find out how Scott Hunter got to the Mets; he was one of two outfield prospects (along with Dwight Maness) traded by the Dodgers to the Mets for Brett Butler.

I love this next card, it’s from an insert from 2001 Topps that was a cool variation on the “Now And Then” cards they’ve done…. Tom Seaver with the Reds? Reggie Jackson with the Yankees? Willie Mays with the Mets? Who would have thought…?

On the odd occasion where I pick up one of these cards, I think I should go after the whole 20 card set… And then I remember the other 347 “goals” I have and put this insert set on the backburner.

This 2003 Donruss Elite card amused me… I realize that “Elite” refers to the set and not the players, but I feel pretty confident in saying that Pedro Astacio’s time in Queens would not make him “Elite” in anybody’s book.

I’m not 100% sure that I knew that there was a Major League version of the Elite franchise… Everything I’d seen prior had been the prospect-y Elite Extraordinary Enhanced Extra Embossed Edition (or whatever it’s called).

I’m not always one for die-cut cards, but this one is pretty neat… It’s from 2014 Bowman and features Gavin and Garin Cecchini who both, at the time, were prospects for the Mets and Red Sox, respectively.

Garin had two cups of coffee with the Bosox, but has now played in AAA with a couple of different organizations. Gavin was the 12th overall pick in 2012 and got some playing time in 2017, but even though the Mets have an opening at second base, Gavin does not seem to be in line to get the job.

Earlier this year I pulled a Dave Kingman Action Packed card out of a repack; now here’s another one from that same 1992 Action Packed All-Star Gallery set, this one featuring Rusty Staub!

Twenty-five years ago I was unimpressed by Action Packed, but now they fall into “cool oddball” territory.  BTW, eagle-eyed Mets fans will notice that Rusty’s jersey has blue & orange stripes on the sleeve and the collar, which indicate that this photo was from his second stint with the Mets;  he originally played in Queens from 1972 to 1975, and then again from 1981 to 1985.  In 1983 the Mets switched to the “racing stripe” uniforms made famous by the 1986 World Championship team, so that seems to indicate that this photo is from 1981 or 1982.

I love cards of Rusty Staub, and this makes me think I should put more of an effort into my Rusty PC… But then I get back to what I said before about having 347 goals…

Once again, I’d like to thank Julie of A Cracked Bat for the very fun and very large box of cards!

You know, this all reminds me of something that happened the other night involving Julie…

She called me up late that night… She said “Joe, don’t come over! My dad and I just had a fight and he stormed out the door!  I’ve never seen him act this way – My God, he’s going crazy!  He says he’s gonna make you pay for what we’ve done!  He’s got a gun!  So RUN, JOEY, RUN, JOEY RUN!!!!

…Or maybe that was just a delightfully cheesy 1970’s song I heard last night.  It’s just as well because in that song it does not end well for Julie.

…And OMG there’s a video!!!!


2 thoughts on “Card Show In A Box, Part 2: Five Mets

  1. Fuji Fuji Fuji do you love me? Run Joey Run had to be one of the worst songs to make the charts. Thanks for the ear-worm. Do that again and we are done!

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