If 2018 Heritage Were True To 1969 Topps, Part 1

1969 Topps, as a set, has plenty of quirks, and enough bad ones that that we wouldn’t really want 2018 Heritage to be 100% faithful to the source material… But if Topps were to make a full effort to duplicate 69T, warts and all, what would be involved?

This is the question I’d asked myself at some point where I really should’ve been doing something more productive, but if nothing else it got me to lay the groundwork for creating some 1969 Topps customs.

While we have a general idea of what kind of parallels and inserts will be used for 2018 Heritage, I don’t believe we fully know what kind of gimmicks Topps might foist upon us.  You’d think there would be white letter variations; A super-short-printed white letter Aaron Judge variation (replicating the pricey Mickey Mantle variation) seems so obvious that it’d be shocking if it doesn’t happen.

But if Heritage were completely true to 1969 Topps we’d have…

…Plenty of capless photos, especially of newly-relocated players like Giancarlo Stanton…

…and plenty of photos which were taken years before the release date, like this relatively-unshaggy Justin Turner…

There are many other ways in which Topps could be true to 1969 Topps.  Of course, one significant way is to include managers, but it seems like that ship has sailed.  I’ve got some others in mind, but I’ll play my cards close to the vest until I share those in another post or two (hint:  I’m looking for a photo of an MLB batboy, preferably from the Angels).

And now it’s feedback time… What other things can you think of which would make 2018 Heritage more like 1969 Topps?  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a good thing, or one we’d want to see, but it still might be fun to replicate some of these in custom form.

12 thoughts on “If 2018 Heritage Were True To 1969 Topps, Part 1

  1. No team cards…I hate the way Topps does ‘team cards’ now anyway so this would be addition by subtraction. And get the Sporting News to do an All Star team for the an All Star subset.

    • I’m thinking/hoping there won’t be team cards if only because they’d have to come up with a design for one. …and I’d be happy if they just came to an agreement to be able to use “The Sporting News” name – or any other legit publication name – rather than just “The Topps News”. I do have an idea for my version of the All-Star set… if I can come up with something that approximates what I have in my head, then we’ll see it in a future post.

      • Yeah, “The Topps News” will be back this year, and it’s really lame. As you say, if TSN won’t deal, find a different magazine.

        I’d rather have no team cards than the lame modern ones they’ve been doing.

        My idea to make it more realistic: all the Astros cards should say “Houston” instead of “Astros”. But they didn’t do that in 2017, so I don’t expect it.

  2. If they could get a catcher to pose with his mitt on his right hand, they could replicate the Larry Haney card. I guess since that was a Pilots card it would have to be a Brewers catcher.

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  5. I’m doing a full set of these for the actual 50th Anniversary. I’ve embraced the uniqueness of this set, from the no hat and blacked out hat photos to working around the identification dot. I tried to make my 2017 set beautiful. With the 2019 set I’m not going for beautiful, or ugly, but definitely different. Were there any beautiful cards in the original 1969 set, in terms of color or composition? One of my favorites was Ken Harrelson wearing a kelly green and california gold Athletics jersey, with a yellow RED SOX label on the card. Beautiful, ugly, and different, all at the same time.

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