Olympic Hockey Customs – One Final Batch (With A Touch Of Wunder)

After the women’s gold medal hockey game, I decided that I should make a few more customs, so I made two for the USA and two for Canada…

…But after seeing how the German men’s team beat top-seeded Sweden and then hockey powerhouse Canada to make it to the Gold Medal game, I thought I’d add a “bonus” card to the batch.

I wanted to do this using a different card design than I’d used so far, but what do I use? I thought about some of the designs which had been voted on for last year’s World Baseball Classic set, and I was strongly considering using the 1966 Topps Hockey design when inspiration hit…

There are those calling the German team’s performance a “Wunder auf Eis” (Miracle on ice)… What better design to use for ein Wunder than the 1976 Wunder – ahhh – WONDER Bread football design?

Christian Ehrhoff is the one player on this team I am familiar with… He played in the NHL from 2007 to 2016 with the Sharks, Sabres, Canucks and other teams.

I would love to see Germany finish off this Wunder auf Eis, but win or lose this is an incredible accomplishment for this team.

So for those who hadn’t seen it – SPOILER ALERT – the USA women’s team beat Canada in a shootout. I don’t love the idea of settling a Gold Medal with a shootout, but it is what it is.

Most of the key players for each team already had their customs, but I wanted to go back and fill in a couple of more…

Dani Cameranesi was the USA’s leading scorer, scoring three goals and two assists in five games.

She also scored two goals in the semi-final win over Finland which put them into the Gold Medal game.

Maddie Rooney was the goaltender for the Gold Medal game, shut out the Finns in the semi-final, and carried a 1.16 GPA in the Olympics.

Meghan Agosta had two goals, three assists and a plus/minus of 7.

This had been Agosta’s fourth Olympics, having won Gold in 2006, 2010 and 2014.

Melodie Daoust was Canada’s leading scorer with three goals and four assists. Like Agosta, she also had a plus/minus of 7.

She also has one of my favorite names in the Olympics… “DA-OOOOOOO!”

So that’s it for Olympic Hockey, but that’s not it for the Olympics… I’m going to have one more batch of Olympic Curling custom cards coming… but first, I’m going to be back tomorrow with some baseball customs… Remember baseball? Baseball is coming.


Because I’m a sucker for flattery, I have created and added two more customs for USA players Gigi Marvin and Amanda Pelkey. Enjoy!


13 thoughts on “Olympic Hockey Customs – One Final Batch (With A Touch Of Wunder)

  1. Wish there was a Gigi Marvin & Amanda Pelkey … Any Chance to get a Copy of the Templete’s, so I might be able to finish both teams out… Thanks Again

  2. These are great cards! I love both templates you used. The Gold medal game was fantastic, no? We went from sloppy/nervous to dominating the action if the third and OT. Both goalies were just terrific.

    BTW…I had a 1.16 GPA once…it got me on academic probation for a semester.

  3. Great Olympic Card posting of the Women Hockey teams, Any plans on making a sets to sell, I would buy a few. Also noticed your missing a few key women on both Teams. Hope to see more of you postings in the future.

    Lee Stecklein
    Kendall Coyne
    Emily Pfalzer
    Alex Rigsby (ESPN Body Issue)
    Cayla Barnes (Boston College “Alumni, Like I Am”)
    Megan Keller (Boston College “Alumni, Like I Am”)
    Kali Flanagan (Boston College “Alumni, Like I Am”)

    Shannon Szabados (Hot Goldie)
    Brigette Lacquette (First Nation Indian)
    Jocelyne Larocque (One who took Silver Medal Off)
    Bailey Bram
    Laura Fortino
    Rebecca Johnston
    Genevieve Lacasse (Beat USA Team 2-1 Game)

    Alina Muller
    Florence Schelling

    Noora RATY

  4. Ah… Ok.. Just a thought … Would have like to have seen my College Alumni on these Beautiful Cards that you’ve made. Keep it Up… Will look for more great thing’s from you in the future..

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