Hot Stove: Photo Day Means No More “Photoshopping”

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about baseball.  I’ve been doing a lot of Olympic stuff lately, and I’m not done with that, but this week provided a day… or, to be accurate, a group of days… which always make me feel like baseball is truly here.

That day is “Photo Day”.  The day when everybody in camp is run through a photo session and we can see what each team’s new players will look like in their new unis.

For me, it also signals a moment when it’s just silly to be “photoshopping” players into new uniforms.  I actually had 3-D customs of Yu Darvish and Todd Frazier in the works, but now there’s no real reason to finish either one.

I did decide to make a few Hot Stove customs in the style of 1963 Post, which I’d used for all of the new managers.  Because I had to modify the custom template to allow for batting stats, and because that was much more of a pain in the you-know than I expected, today’s post only includes batters.  I’ll try to get Yu and some other pitchers done for next week.

Carlos Santana signed with the Phillies two months ago, and that was this Mets fan’s moment of “Oh, crap, the Phils don’t see themselves phoning it in this year, do they?”

Before I forget, here’s a disclaimer: I didn’t proofread the stats or text very closely, so don’t use these to settle any high-stakes bets.

I was excited about the Mets signing Todd Frazier for two reasons… He’s a good addition, of course, but it also signals that the Mets have conceded that David Wright is not going to come back anytime soon, if at all.

That sounds worse than I intend it… I do hope that David Wright is able to make it back.  But I’m pretty pessimistic about his chances and I’m happy that the Mets are acknowledging that.

Andrew McCutchen looks strange out of a Pirates uniform, but given that he’s in a walk year, I don’t blame the Bucs for getting what they could for him.

The Christian Yelich trade to the Brewers was one of those trades where I was happy for certain players moving in either direction. Yelich gets out of Miami and hopefully (for him) plays for a contender.

Meanwhile, prospect Lewis Brinson went to the Marlins as part of the return package, and he’s actually excited about going to Miami… He grew up in Florida as a Marlins fan, and is going to wear the same number as Juan Pierre, his childhood idol.

I have to admit, even though it’s a pain to insert the personal information, stats and text – and yes, the text is legit and isn’t just “lorem ipsum” or “Yadda yadda” – I like the way these customs are turning out and I may continue to make them even after the “Hot Stove” season draws to an end.


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