$4 Worth Of Entertainment From Dollar Tree

The other day I ran some lunchtime errands which took me in a direction I don’t normally go, and whenever I take that path less traveled I make a point of stopping at a Dollar Tree along the way. This particular Dollar Tree is unique among the ones in my area because this is the only Dollar Tree I’ve found which actually has cards.

I bought two 30-card CardsOne “Mixed Sports Ultimate Jumbo Packs”, a 30-card Presstine baseball repack and, just for the heck of it, a pack of 2017-18 NBA Hoops.

The “junk” in the repack was of a slightly better quality than I normally run across… Case in point, out of the 90 repack cards, I got only a couple of cards from the wildly overproduced three-year stretch of 1988-1990 Donruss. Many of the cards I did get were from 1980’s Topps sets that I’m not actively chasing, but also wouldn’t mind completing someday.

I’ve gotten so used to seeing glossier versions of these cards that it was a bit jarring to see a real 1983 Topps card.

Marshall Edwards had a fair number of baseball cards considering that he never appeared in more than 69 games in his 3-season MLB career.

The CardsOne bags guarantee a HOFer in every pack;  here’s one right here..

Pulling a Rollie Fingers card is never a bad thing…

I got a couple which fall into the “not-Mets” category…

I was surprised to pull a 1991 Bowman card of a Met that I needed.  I ripped a bunch of packs of ’91 Bowman at the time – I ripped a lot of EVERYTHING in 1991 – but I never went back and filled in my team sets.

There was also a 1983 Fleer card, which was a welcome sight.  I don’t get the impression that 1983 Fleer is a beloved set, but I really liked it then, I really like it now.

1983 Fleer was a nice bounceback after the poor attempt that was 1982 Fleer.

I also got a 1982 Topps Sticker of Gary Carter, which was my other guaranteed HOF and, for me,  was worth the price of the pack it came in.

The biggest surprise of the repacks were these three cards from the 1991-issued Topps “1990 Major League Debut” set.

These don’t technically fit into any of my collections, but when I get around to doing my 1991 Team/Player Frankenset these cards may very well fill in an empty spot in the Reds, Angels or Cardinals “rosters”.

I also got a bunch of cards from this 1990 Checkered Flag IHRA set, which isn’t of huge interest to me, but they’re fairly nice cards. I’m going to add one or two of these to my “type” collection.

I also notice that there are almost none of these out on COMC, and as I’m getting ready to replenish my COMC store’s inventory I might send a couple of these in to see if “low supply” wins out over “low demand”. (Don’t worry; I’m not one of those sellers who slaps a $24.95 price on low-population commons)

I got a Reggie Jackson! Unfortunately it’s not THAT Reggie Jackson.

Today I learned that the Detroit Pistons have a point guard named Reggie Jackson.

And I also pulled a LeBron James!  Wooo!

That’s a car payment right there! (as long as the car in question is from the Hot Wheels bin at Kroger)

One last thing I got at Dollar Tree: A “theater-size” box of Milk Duds, which did not survive the afternoon.  I really need to stop listening to the voice in my head that says “Hey, as long as we’re here…”


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