2018 TSR: Quick Pack At The End Of A Crazy Week

This past week saw lots of work and impending deadlines leading up to a weekend software upgrade, so today’s virtual pack is going to be quick and relatively short.

Last week I promised that each pack would have a Met, an Oriole and a manager. I didn’t promise that these categories wouldn’t overlap.

If this feels cheap to you, blame my boss at my “day job”.

Here’s a public service announcement… You may have heard about the Royals’ prospect Raul A. Mondesi? Well, he’s dropped “Raul” in favor of the “A.” and henceforth will be known as Adalberto Mondesi.

The more you know… TSR cares… and other PSA taglines.

Adrian Gonzalez looks odd in a Mets uniform.

I’m not sure how he’s going to be used, whether he’s platooning and who he’d be platooning with.  It does seem like he’s sticking with the team, at least for now.  If he keeps batting below the Mendoza Line, or if prospect Dominic Smith gets hot in AAA, then this might be a short-term stop.

Here’s another heads-up for everybody: Shohei Ohtani is not the only Japanese rookie this year.

Yoshihisa Hirano had been a dominant closer in Japan and jumped over to the D-Backs for 2018. Unlike Ohtani, he’s 34 years old.

We close out the pack with an insert, specifically one of the Dumb-Ass Parallels.

This one is a “Decoder Ring” parallel for Nolan Arenado (aka “Abyna Neranqb”)

The decoder rings can be obtained by sending in 3,250 wrappers and 25 cents. Fortunately, a very basic cipher is used.

I should be able to provide a greater variety of cards next week, after the dust has died down.

2 thoughts on “2018 TSR: Quick Pack At The End Of A Crazy Week

  1. Your decoder ring insert reminds me of Harry Caray. He was known for saying the players’ names backwards. As in “Arenado spelled backwards is Odanera.” Adrian Gonzalez turns 36 in May. I guess he’ll end up in the Hall of Very Good, huh?

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